Simon.. He's just too..

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Needy?? He's always wanting me to come to his office. Clearly he can call me why can't he just reliever the messages via phone. Then it keeps popping up every time you do something or leave a place until you go see him. It's kind of annoying *blush* Anyone else feel this way?! It just seems like an awful lot. I just leave and he calls and wants me to see him again!!
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    Be happy while it lasts!
    There will come the time when he doesn't call you to his office anymore. The only calls you get will be for sidegigs. Or from Maria for the Luxe Goals.
    Today was the first time since the last update that Simon called me to his office. Really had missed that!
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    isabeau wrote: »

    Hey girl you on Game Center or android if you're Game Center I want to add you! Tried messaging you but your inbox is full lol
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