Just started playing KKH again..

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Just started playing it again because I was really bored and I won't have any game to play as K&K keeps resetting time, BS:AD is too.. new for me and not much fun yet and I'm waiting for the Nicki Minaj game.

But.. so many stuff changed and the one thing I find really annoying is that you get old quests between new quests so one day you see the whole new Kim and the other day you see the old Kim. :confused: But after many hours of playing.. I'm finally #1 ;)

Hello KKH forum. Any new players here hmm?


  • kokokokonutkokokokonut Moderators 28,824 Posts
    Minji, if you are looking for friends, please use the Gifting and Friends subforum. Congratulations on being number 1. You should take a comeback. :)

    And if people start posting their ids or this turns into a friends thread, I'll have to move the whole thing. Welcome back, hope you understand.
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