So mad.. No SYS event

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I'm so mad right now. Glu said they were going to solve this midweek event stuff!!!! I thought yaay an update they must've solved because else they wouldn't bring the update out right, RIGHT?!!! Well guess again!!!

I'm done! I've put quite a lot of money in this game but all these bugs and rules keep ruining it! You can't have a throwback because YOU HAVE TOO MANY EVENT ITEMS!
I'm deleting this game and I'm only coming back when it is FIXED!


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    I'm sorry this happened Minji. I hope you contact Glu before deleting the game. They said you had too few TB items left to win/buy? I do remember you sitting a few events out. All I can say, is each time they retool it, less and less people are missing out, so maybe it's a work in progress? I would definitely contact Glu before deleting. I'm sorry this is happening.

    I think I saw one person in the event thread who didn't get it as well. I realize it's no consolation, but maybe you can get an answer to why you're still out in the cold?
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  • Cherry_cokezCherry_cokez Registered Users 116 Posts
    I don't get the event, IOS 10 ipad
    don't have many throwback items
  • evelinebevelineb Registered Users 37 Posts
    i've aready deleted this game and i think i did right :) still no throwback haha
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    Lizard wrote: »
    I only own like 5% of the weekend events items so that's not the issue. The rapid recharge offer is gone too. (Android)

    I tried to transfer my game (delete/reinstall), the event was there but the progress was from months ago so I'm stuck with no event.

    My (iOS) rapid recharge is gone also....
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