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Hello! I searched and couldn't find the answer to this question already in the forums. Is it possible to get a photo of your doll and spouse after the wedding ceremony with your groom in his wedding tux? I don't see that option anywhere and I'm starting to wonder if the photos I've seen have been screen shots. I'd love to use the photobooth backgrounds without having to buy my guy formal clothes. Thanks!
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    Unless it's a player controlled game, if you want your spouse in a tux in the wedding 'atmosphere' it has to be a screenshot. Otherwise they best way would be like me asking Vats to get dressed for a wedding, Putting on Kat's wedding dress and veil, and then taking photobooth pics with wedding backgrounds. The actual ceremony pix have to be screenshots.

    If you have a wedding screenshot and want a little editing done, I can take out most tap icons if that's a problem. I'll go back, I took some screenshots of my wedding to a NPC. I wish we could choose to have them stand next to us like a work friend. I hate him right behind me, some hair doesn't work and he's just too close to my posterior.
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    Thank you for confirming this for me! I finally figured out how to do a screenshot on my Kindle (after nearly three years!) And after the ceremony, so no tap icons.. I will put in a suggestion for an official wedding photo on the suggestion thread. It seems like some updates on wedding options all around would be really exciting to those of us who've made the trip to the altar multiple times.

    Thank you, Koko!
    Began an iOS game and need friends!
    Also deleted old Facebook account. Please refriend me if you play iOS.
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