3 hour or 8 hour party more worth for New Year's event?

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What type of party is better to throw in order to earn the new year's event items?


  • BlacChynaBlacChyna Registered Users 43 Posts
    I would say a 8 hour party if you are willing to put the time into it.
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    3 hours definitely!
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    There is a Benefit to each. If you have no bonus items....12 points is frustrating. But if you can't sit and grind, just want to empty what..2 full energy tanks within 8 hours...20 points feels better, but smart money says get the most event points for your efforts. But a Newley voiced longtime member did math in a jiffy, maybe they or another might step up. I want to say I think that was Hannah? If not please correct me.

    I know a 3 hour is 12 plus a sliding scale of bonus points for each bonus item. 1 is 3. 2 is 5. 3 items are 8(?) 4. Ok I've lost it. 1 know some number gives 10 and one number gives 12? So a three hour with a lot of the earner and GB items can yield 24. then add 1or 2 points for Small talk with each guest one time. That can go all the way to 14 for the 7 guests in Calabasas.

    So we have 12. Plus bonus Up to 12. Up to 14 guest points that could be up to 38 for a three hour. So if someone wants to get accurate for us, we'lll save it for future reference.

    And and if you start an 8 hour before you go to bed, and finish in the morning 9 or get up and finish when your energy recharges) you can earn Event points practically while you sleep.

    - not on my laptop and tired from the day so forgive typos or misinformation. Feel free to correct me. ;)
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    A 3 hour party takes almost a full bar of energy, and an 8 hour party is double that (note: This calculation is based in the Calabasas house which is the most efficient). You'll get more bang for your buck doing the 3 hour parties because doing two of those will get you a minimum of 24 event points while one of the 8 hour is only 20 points.

    However like Koko said if you are going to bed and don't want to wake up every 3 hours to throw a party, doing an 8 hour before you go to sleep is a good idea because you'll use your energy getting half the points, then when you wake up (before the 8 hours though!!) you'll use the last half of your energy and finish. 20 points and a good night's sleep :)
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