Low Fan Numbers and I Can't Figure Out Why

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I had to start over and this time around my fan #'s are growing at a much slower rate. By this point before, I was gaining high hundred-thousands and low millions for every party etc. Now regardless of achieving a 5-Star rating on almost every time, I'm lucky to get a mid-to-high hundred-thousands and very rarely low millions. Any ideas why? 


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    IMO, your numbers were high when you were a higher rated game. When you begin at the beginning again, your parties don't have as much impact, because you are no longer #1 with millions of fans. when you drop, everything drops. As you progress rank wize and number of fans, your rewards for parties will get up there again.

    But, if this doesn't answer your question, you are always free to send a ticket to customer care. Ask them to take a look at your game and see what the problem is, or otherwise explain the low fan numbers to you. Sorry this is happeneing. ;(
    ( lll/help/glu support ) Good luck.

    Edit with more info. and, this is the same as when you take a comeback. when you're at the bottom, you get less fans for your efforts. Hang in there.
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