About contacting glu to restore purchases... I NEED HELP!

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Hello. A few days ago I contacted Glu asking for them to restore my purchases. Then, okay, I sent all the information (my ID and receipts) because it was told here on the forums that we need to contact Glu when we want to restore purchases on Android.
Today I got an answer and the person told me that they CAN'T restore my things (what???????? what's the point of telling people to contact Glu to restore your purchases if they "apparently" can't do that?
The person also told me something about sending K-stars (I got NO K-stars AT ALL) and 20 gift boxes. I only got FIVE, NOT TWENTY!!! And now everytime that I try to open my game I got a pop-up window of the gift boxes, but it closes itself and I can't choose anything.
Yeah, they don't want to restore my Kim's Shop My Closets, I got no K-stars (as promised) and only 5 boxes, not 20!
I already lost my game and now I have to deal with this? I need to wait to have the chance to open the boxes and receive the stars or what?
I need help!
My game ID is:xxxxxxxxxxx’
Here's the e-mail that I got today:

Please, I'm desperate! @kokokokonut @KalindaKing

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  • flissysumsflissysums Registered Users 307 Posts
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    Now the game is downloading resources by itself. Should I need to worry?
    Edit: the download finished but I don't see any changes?
    #LetMeBuyTheCottonCandyWithDiamonds #Please
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    I'm going to send you a private message.
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  • flissysumsflissysums Registered Users 307 Posts

    I'm going to send you a private message.

    Thank you! I'll wait.
    #LetMeBuyTheCottonCandyWithDiamonds #Please
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