Jobs should be paying more money

Mzbreezy88203Mzbreezy88203 1 PostsRegistered Users, Member
I've been playing this game for a while and ive noticed that the jobs the game have does not pay enough and you can barely afford clothes and accessories. 


  • Serenitee1958Serenitee1958 8 PostsRegistered Users, Member
    Yess, not nearly enough!! Because everything cost so much!!! The clothes, the furnishings! I have a mansion I can't even furnish because they want $30,000 just for one couch or 65k stars for one bed, but want to pay you only $200 for a gig! That's kind of crazy! Even the 8 hr gigs or level up rewards are sooooo CHEAP!! I've heard you make more, the higher up you get, but I'm already on the B list, and they are paying no more than before! I know they want you to spend real money, but it's so discouraging!
  • NikkiDeeNikkiDee 2 PostsRegistered Users, Member
    I'm an A-lister now & it doesnt get much better. The only upside I have seen is that u stay busy w/tons of jobs & u have more energy 2 complete them. Plus I get paid weekly from owning businesses. 


  • Payasa13Payasa13 1 PostsRegistered Users, Member
    I to am an A list and I don't get paid enough eathier it takes sooo long to get energy, also it seems like the most the gigs now are 8hrs and it takes all my energy just to fill one star, I love this game it took me a few days to become A list I play this game literally all day all most all night, I set my alarm at night just so I don't past time on a gig to make 5 stars I really do hope y'all make some kind of changes, I've played this game before and stopped because it was getting ridiculous but never got this far I'm addicted now but will stop if I have to put any money on it when it's supposed to be a free game.
  • KKH_JennyKKH_Jenny 239 PostsRegistered Users, Member
    edited November 2
    @Payasa13 sadly this is NOT actually intended to be a free game at all, not for anyone who actually wants consistent gameplay. Youre going to always be broke unless you shell out money in the start to get the private jet and car, and then you can fill energy for free within a few mins that way. But it’s impossible otherwise; you’d spend all your cash just going from one street/country to another without a car/plane when trying to just get energy.

    but, then when you shell out money in the start, you lose all opportunities for free kstars via ads and surveys. I would never have bought anything had I known that in advance.’s basically highly discouraging either way. And while you get stars from businesses, we are getting like 2-3 stars a week for a business that cost 60-90 stars to purchase and furnish, so it takes months of daily play prior to actually making a profit (I did the math on several of the businesses I own).
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