📺 KK:H Weekend Event - 1/11/19 Ready for your Reality Weekend Closeups?



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    @samaaanthaaa Sorry you didn't have enough time to get the alice + olivia outfit! It should reappear in your game soon.
    Thank you! I got it and loooove it! 
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    Hi dolls, my cameraman is completely gone, i searched every house, Mirimount studios and outside of Bel Air. i Contacted costumer service, a while ago and haven't gotten a reply. when this event came i tried deleting and reinstalling the game, but it didn't work. Does anybody have advice for me?
    I’m pretty sure you must have sent him somewhere else, as he can only be in one place at once! Check all your houses 😊 Also check clubs, restaurants. I remember him in Dublin at Sullivan’s Pub. ( ilu Glu )And I think Miami once...check ever Venue you can go into. Good luck.
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