On Level 48... help needed

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 I’m a bit confused, I’m on level 48 with all of the quests complete and the main storyline complete.  However, I have some things that aren’t open. The So Chic store in San Diego isn’t available to me, neither is the art gallery in Venice. Is there anything I can do to open those? 


  • Ava_NicoleAva_Nicole Registered Users 14 Posts
    I’m wondering the same myself as I just tried to go buy So Chic London and it is locked, same as Sky.
  • kokokokonutkokokokonut Community Moderator Moderators 27,520 Posts
    Just keep playing. As you go through storyline you unlock gigs that move you along. If you really think you’re blocked or missing things, you can send an ingame ticket. However, they will tell you to clear any undone tasks or storyline before they will go in and look. If you are still getting Storyline calls, just keep going.  That’s my advice. Otherwise, send an in game ticket.  I’m sorry you’re having this issue.

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