How to get more kstars bery quickly

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hey guy, so I found a way to get kstars very quickly and just note that this is a method I’ve just made up. I am curious to see whether or not this method work for some people but it did work for me. My method isn’t the best and it might as well sound dumb and stupid, also the method might not work for everyone. My method to get more Kstars is to watch free ads for kstars more than five time per day or 5 times per one to two hours, this method not only made you save your money which could have been spent on buying kstars and it is effective for everyone. Doing this method every day could help get more kstars very quickly but it might as well take some times and the problem withe the method is that it might not work as the videos for ads might not be available at the moment. By the end of the week you could have about 60-90 kstars without knowing it. I try the method today  whilst I only had 13 kstars at first and now I have 30 kstars g the moment. In addition to this method, saving up all of you kstars could help you to gain more kstars and spend the kstars smartly by buying cheaper items rather than expensive ones or you will run out of the  kstars very quickly. Finally the method can also work for cash as well as energy too. 
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