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    edited August 2019
    Lia888 said:
    I promise I don’t look for trouble, but it finds me —sorry. Not sure who to address this to @KalindaKing or @eggsandbananas, this didn’t affect my score or gameplay but I wanted to report in case. I submitted ticket #1 then ticket # 2 almost a hour later but prior to receiving the score for ticket 1(look #1). This somehow caused the ticket #’s to get out of sequence. I only had the 14 free tickets and didn’t purchase any. I thought it would re-adjust later but it never did. Looks # 0 & look #2 are the same submission that should’ve registered as look # 1. I’m on iPhone X iOS. If you need my ID I can send a pm. Thanks 
    Yes please send your ID to me/Kalinda.
    Please direct all messages to Kalinda King! I'm no longer handling PMs.
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    AliBryant said:
    Is there any rhyme or reason to how many used items we can unlock and how often? I seem to be able to unlock way more frequently this SYS. 
    I think it’s 2 per day?
    Thanks. I thought that was about right. I must have had some sort of glitch because I was unlocking left and right on Friday and Saturday. Things locked normally  on Sunday. 
  • MissEm1994MissEm1994 Registered Users, Member 593 Posts
    This hat is surprisingly versatile! From millionaire’s lunches to Lady Gaga, I’m having so much fun styling it! 

  • luvs2gruuvluvs2gruuv Registered Users, Member 1,641 Posts
    Just now getting to post! Here are my looks.. I didn't think I was going to make it since some of my looks tanked.. I was in a hurry most of the time, so I wasn't surprised when the ones I threw together quickly did poorly.. but I managed to make 5th to get the racquet and finish to get the hat! (With 576 points!)

    Platform: Android/ Doll's name: Syndy KKH
    Level: 68/ Ranking: A+++

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