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hi guys! I'm an Android player and I'm having some problem with my friends in the game. months ago I created a facebook account EXCLUSIVELY for kkh. I started adding some friends and soon my game list was full. but my friends didn't update: they had (and still have) the same outfit they had when I added them, like they're freezed. a month ago - when I was playing - I saw that most of my friends disappeared. now, I only have 10 friends (4 with facebook, the rest are the one I found around the game). I asked glu and they told me to do some steps. I did everything: restart the game, log out and then back in with fb, restarted the device, download the game again but nothing happened. even glu don't know what's up.. what should I do? someone once said to create another facebook account but I don't really want to lose all my friends and posts.. my free storage is enough, so it's not that. I hope you can help me, I will be very grateful 😊 thank you.
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