Thanksgiving: Share Your KKH acts of kindness that came your way

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Since I have played the game since nearly the beginning I remember coming to this forum and players would decide to have gift giving days. This one player M-... something would do it every week and wanted nothing in return. One day I dropped my name for what I thought would be 1 gift.. he brought me everything in my closet at the time. I was baffled, overjoyed, and very grateful. You couldn’t get him anything in return because he had it all. I swear til this day maybe it was one of the Kardashian’s testing the game, I should hope hahaha. In either case I will never for get it. I also recently befriended someone don’t know if she wants me to shout her out (hey girl hey). She gifted me $90K worth of stuff. It was a necklace and watch I REALLY wanted! These are the moments that can create a little joy in the game. P.S The ’M-’something player is not in the game or forum anymore.

What are you grateful for?
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Kindness is free, sprinkle that stuff everywhere. 

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