Win Clothes after achieving 5-Star Ratings: how?

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How do I win clothes exactly? I have achieved 5 star rating on reality shows...
I'm just someone who believes that she is extra-ordinary, is trying to figure out her life while living with many mental illnesses! #staystrong


  • luvs2gruuvluvs2gruuv 1,035 PostsRegistered Users, Member
    Every weekend there is a type of event where you get event points after 5 starring certain events.. throughout the month we usually have a professional weekend (any modeling, acting, or appearance gig or reality show), a reality show weekend (just reality shows), a dating weekend (just dates), and then a vip weekend (just have to spend k stars)
    As you accumulate your event points, you earn clothes, hairs, and/or accessories... We get spoilers here on the forum every week to know what the prizes are each week..
    Every Friday you will get a pop up showing you what the prizes are, too...
    Throughout the week we usually have a throwback event... Same idea with 5 star professional gigs=event points, but the boxes are a potpourri of random prizes except for the last pallet which is a guaranteed throwback item.. some good, some great, some not so much... Lol
    Platform: Android/ Doll's name: Syndy KKH
    Level: 55/ Ranking: A+++
    In search of: red/gold gown
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