Restored game missing kstars?

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Has anyone had any luck in getting Glu to reimbursed some of their purchased k-stars when you have to reload your progress? I'm devastated, because I've spent nearly $600 between exclusive outfits and k-stars, and Glu has closed both tickets I've tried to submit. 

The first time they said they can't restore progress. The second they said I needed to force close so info would be sent to their tech support, then told me if they didn't automatically load when I reloaded my saved game, then there was nothing they could do. 

This is extremely frustrating and disheartening to lose so much real life money. If they were to look at my closet, they could see that I clearly do not have anything purchased with the large amount of stars I've bought. I'm not trying to be greedy, either, but that's a lot of money to completely lose with nothing to show for it. I've seen them restore other people's lost stars if they submit receipts, which I have, but they won't even give me the chance...which is even more frustrating. Any advice?
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