The big mansion in Malibu

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Why do it cost wow so much? To live there you will have to use a lot of real moola I live there or go there a lot it’s beautiful but it makes me kinda depressed , I think if it should cost , it should be given more option for the funiture options to bit more affordable don’t get me wrong I do real money , but I will not be funituring that home , is it any suggestion ? Or advice? Is it a way to sell it ?


  • oopsididitagainoopsididitagain 384 PostsRegistered Users, Member
    You can't sell your houses, but owning furnishings in them can help you get the bonus heart/star on dates & events.  I don't use stars to furnish houses (with the exception of the closet in Bel Air), so in Malibu I have the place about half furnished.  Most of the patio area is kash items, but the bedroom is mostly stars.  I would just furnish with kash as you earn it, not get the furnishings that cost stars, & not worry too much about it - Bel Air is the better choice to film reality shows/throw parties anyway!  As far as I remember, the kash items aren't too expensive relative to other houses' furnishings in the game. Hope this helps!!
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