Best Way to get through the events??

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Hellooooo, I’m new here to the community but I am not new to the game. I have seen a bunch of awesome users and I just wanted to ask a few general questions to try to make this game a lot more fun for me and maybe for others. 

I have seen a lot of these users who are leveled up no higher than mine and they are able to complete events (throwback, k star, etc.) but I am not even able to complete the second box ☹️

I was wondering was I can/should do cause I’d like to be able to complete the events when they come up but I always have to go through an 8 hour event, get the event points, then wait for my energy to come back and do it again. 

Can anyone help? 😭


  • mikaylachimomikaylachimo New Member Registered Users 2,225 Posts
    3 hour reality shows in bel air is always the answer!! Every weekday or weekend (except dating and party ofc) just grind 3 hour reality shows in bel air, it’ll change your life 

    for dating- if you can, save tons of kash and date exclusively at oak and monstrobull for expensive wine openings 

    for parties- 3 hour parties in bel air, interact with 9 guests and the party is done 

    it’s all about least amount of energy per event point
    platform: iOS 💞 message me for add info!
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  • SisSnappedLikeThanosSisSnappedLikeThanos Registered Users, Member 830 Posts
    Don't do 8 hour events because they take longer and require more energy. Do 3 hour events and you can complete them in 22-23 energy as long as you have the bonus gold star.  
    You don't need a full bar to complete shows though! If you really need to grind, you can use the faster energy recharger offer

     or travel around from Beverly Hills to Santa Barbara tapping on certain items (usually 3 per area) for free cash/level up points/energy! The energy seems to be rarer than the other 2 items but I've completed many reality shows that way alone. 
    I hope this helps and if you need help with anything, just ask!! 
    Welcome to the forum, angel 🥰
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  • Ronnie_KKHRonnie_KKH Registered Users, Member 151 Posts
    VIP events usually happen once a month and I only spend k-stars during the VIP weekend. I grind all month for 500 Stars (the prizes are 15-50-300-500). You can do this by watching videos or completing offers. The best time to do
    offers (especially ones that cost money) are during double stars weekends where you get double the stars for every offer. So if an offer gives you 50 stars, you would actually get 100. 
  • IzzaBeeIzzaBee Registered Users, Member 223 Posts
    The weekend events always start at 4 am for me so every night before the event starts the last thing I do before closing my game is a reality show, go on a date or a party depending on what the event is. Tomorrow is a party event so tonight I will do a 3 hour party. When the party is finished and you see the screen pictured below do not hit the “ok” button. Close the game. When I wake up after the event has started I open my game and this exact screen comes up but this time I will be awarded event points after I hit ok. I get event points and I have full energy. This works for every event. Not sure if I’m explaining this clearly enough, does it make sense?

    I play on iOS 
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