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so I love kkh so much! I’ve been playing it for ages and I’m so close to top ten but after that I understand I need go get to #1 but I have a friend on my contacts that has 650m fans and there’s no way I’ll surpass that anytime soon. Anyway I would love some advice on what to do because I don’t wanna loose that contact if I have to surpass them! 


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    The only way to pass them without gaining more fans or reaching the max number of fans is to temporarily remove them as friends so they disappear from your contact list. You'll have to unfriend them on FB (and sometimes this is buggy and doesn't remove them so keep that in mind)

    Once you reach the max number of fans, however, you'll always be #1 even if your friend is also at the max fans level. The currently max level is over a billion fans though
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