🗳️SYS - 2/13/20 - Theme: Black & Gold Ball! (Surprise) 🎊



  • ciaraxciarax Registered Users, Member 334 Posts
    Bear_KKH said:x
    How the voting booth feels sometimes 😂
    Click “Get This Look.” To skip it.
    life hack 🤯
  • SilverbellaSilverbella Registered Users, Member 81 Posts
    Can I do this dress, you think? Probably diff hair, diff jewelry. Has anyone tried it yet?

    Ok, so update, now I’ve seen it twice since I posted...how did it go
    I've seen it be the popular pick a couple of times, no idea how many votes it actually gets though @MissCristina.  I even styled it just in case, but I think it would be a risky look in the voting booth and I doubt I'll be adventurous enough to send it.
  • mikaylachimomikaylachimo New Member Registered Users 2,926 Posts
    @MissCristina I haven’t tried it this event yet, but I’ve used it for quite a few regular gown themes and it always scores around 50, give or take! It’s a black gown which is definitely on theme so I’d go for it 🤷🏼‍♀️
    platform: iOS 💞 message me for add info!
    follow my gameplay on instagram: mikaylakkh
  • Bear_KKHBear_KKH Registered Users, Member 1,128 Posts
    @Magnolia_Lake I let the timer run out as I was voting while watching the news on T.V 🤪
    @Silverbella you're probably right, it's probably an off theme ticket buyer 🙃
    - Emmy
  • AguadeCocoAguadeCoco Registered Users, Member 962 Posts
    Looks 5 to 8!
    The Kollection hair seems to be my secret weapon this SYS! Also, my uncomplete look got me my best score this week!

    Android player - AguadeCoco Kkh on Facebook
    🇫🇷  French gal ⛵ Avid sailor 🐱 Cat owner 🍣 Sushi lover 🏛️ Museum worker 
  • Jenn1ferJenn1fer Registered Users, Member 29 Posts
    @MissCristina I got over 50 votes with it!

  • MarianiPoizenMarianiPoizen Registered Users, Member 1,178 Posts
    Looks 5-8. Scores have dropped a bit but hopefully can still make the last earnable. Think I need to take some inspiration from you guys here to boost my scores!

    I play on iOS
  • livyxlivyx Registered Users, Member 583 Posts

    Looks 1-8

    @Lolita we’re in the same group! Hope it goes well for both of us, the TB are crazy 😞
    iOS player since December 2014 🇫🇷🇵🇱
    https://www.facebook.com/livykkh (please let me know you’re from the forum)
  • JabberwoohJabberwooh Registered Users, Member 265 Posts
    Android player - K star hoarder - Frugal b*tch
    (In-game username: Abbie)

    KKH Discord server: 

  • Bear_KKHBear_KKH Registered Users, Member 1,128 Posts

    - Emmy
  • KKH_RavenKKH_Raven Registered Users, Member 92 Posts
    julia19 said:
    I think this is the highest score I have ever gotten! Inspired by @KKH_Raven , thank you for posting your gorgeous looks ☺️

    Ah! I love it (・ω・)ノ☆~ 
  • pilirositolampilirositolam Registered Users, Member 1,063 Posts
    Looks 1-8

    I just created a fb account for my doll! Her in-game (iOS) name is Francesca. Add me: https://m.facebook.com/francesca.kkh.5?ref=bookmarks 🧚🏼‍♀️✨💞
  • ArtemisxMoonArtemisxMoon Registered Users, Member 180 Posts
    Looks 5-8 😁

  • KoakumaKoakuma New Member Registered Users 746 Posts

    I think I missed a ticket 🥺
  • JaelynJaxJaelynJax New Member Registered Users 588 Posts
    @Koakuma I think you did. I just complete look nine 
    Daily iOS Player: Level 43
    Platform: iOS
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  • RikkRikk New Member Registered Users 3,676 Posts
    Koakuma said:

    I love this look...your doll would be so pretty as a real Barbie! 💕
  • LolitaLolita Registered Users, Member 233 Posts
    @livyx omg I hadn't realized it! Your doll is absolutely gorge and I love your looks! Let's hope no more ticket buyers show up and we both stay in top five 🐞🍀
  • LolitaLolita Registered Users, Member 233 Posts
    Looks 5-8
  • julia19julia19 Registered Users, Member 789 Posts
    Looks 7 and 8 💕

    Instagram: juliakkh19
  • SilverbellaSilverbella Registered Users, Member 81 Posts

    I think I just voted for you @martina_kkh! 🤩 
  • oopsididitagainoopsididitagain Registered Users, Member 1,146 Posts
    I’m in 3rd behind two TBs who keep falling behind & then submitting a ton of looks at once. This is our number one TS🙃 It’s so much more frustrating when they don’t follow the theme
  • emiliedkemiliedk Registered Users, Member 108 Posts
    Am I the only one who can’t unlock items? I have problems with this every SYS! During this whole event I’ve only been able to unlock one single thing. I’m getting behind because of it 😭
  • martina_kkhmartina_kkh Registered Users, Member 213 Posts

    I think I just voted for you @martina_kkh! 🤩 
    Oh, it’s not me 😁 But thanks anyways for noticing 💓
  • HannahKKHHannahKKH Registered Users, Member 946 Posts
    My scores have started dropping for my past few looks. I started off with low to mid 50s and now I’m lucky if I hit 40. I’m running out of black and gold looks and I hardly have any dye left so I hope I can stay in first 😬
    Hannah 🇬🇧
    Violet is my doll. iOS player ✨
    PM me for FB add info! Let’s be friends 👯‍♀️
  • HannahKKHHannahKKH Registered Users, Member 946 Posts
    Aren’t you supposed to have 30 people in your group? Yesterday I had 28, earlier today I had 27 and now there’s 29. Why is this happening and where are these people going and coming from? 😅
    Hannah 🇬🇧
    Violet is my doll. iOS player ✨
    PM me for FB add info! Let’s be friends 👯‍♀️
  • kkh_claricekkh_clarice Registered Users, Member 1,149 Posts
    @HannahKKH sometimes there is players with the same pontuation so they stay in the same position.
    🦋 android daily player | english isn't my first language 🦋
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