Not Getting SYS & Kollection's..!!

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 Heya, @kokokokonut & @KalindaKing
I'm having some issues with my game lately. I'm not getting any SYS Event's on Thursday, nor getting Kollection's from nearly a Week now. 
Idk Wt's the prblm behind this.
But it's really pissing me now. 
I hope u help me with this problem so I can get my "Kollections & SYS" Back.
I'm not Using any Hack. Plz Help!!😭😭😢😩💔


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    Thnx for the Help @kokokokonut..
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    Were you able to solve this problem? Did you get the kollections or SYS back or not? Because I am having the same problem and I don’t know what to do.
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    Welcome @areeha102The original poster was found to be cheating.  If you are not getting these events, and you are level 12 or above, and are not cheating, send a ticket to support.   Go to the top left corner of your game screen and tap the options at the 3 lines.  ( lll/help/glu support).  They will be able to help you.  Sorry this is happening.
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