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jlcook095jlcook095 New MemberRegistered Users 10 Posts
I’ve gotten one call for a photo shoot 4 days ago. I completed it the same day and got 5 stars and haven’t gotten any calls since. Does anyone have ideas as to why?


  • RikkRikk New Member Registered Users 2,583 Posts
    Liam isn’t calling me for the ski resort either! I don’t have any goals or unfinished tasks so I don’t know why that is
  • kokokokonutkokokokonut Community Moderator Moderators 24,059 Posts
    I don’t know how frequently we get these calls, but I would wait for the Ski Resort payment call, make note of when that call comes.  Then when you get any calls, make note of them, and then when the next Resort payout call comes a week later, see how many calls you got.  
     If you still think there’s a problem, you can contact customer care, and give them the info from your notes.  I know the calls are......partying instructors, video vs photo shoot,  Snow machines or Maestro Sly, and Willow, and the fashion show  so that’s 5   Does anyone know how many calls they get in a week?  And it could also be dependent upon how much you are playing. I would watch tillI got the payout call, and then keep track.  Good luck, and welcome @jlcook095.   :)
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  • jlcook095jlcook095 New Member Registered Users 10 Posts
    Thank you!! 
  • julia19julia19 Registered Users, Member 367 Posts
    I bought the ski resort last Sunday and I did all the upgrades. I got one call on Sunday but I haven’t got any other calls since then about the ski resort or any events. How often am I supposed to get calls?
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  • TheBolaTheBola Registered Users, Member 118 Posts
    @julia19 he randomly calls I believe. But he'll call every 7 days to give you your paycheck. 
  • julia19julia19 Registered Users, Member 367 Posts
    TheBola said:
    @julia19 he randomly calls I believe. But he'll call every 7 days to give you your paycheck. 
    Thank you 😊
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