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I am not getting very many goals from Simon.  I currently am working Trip Hop Tour, and two others.  The goals that Simon gives me tend to have a long wait time so I have to do random appearances. I know that I am not caught up on the storyline.


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    If You are working on storyline, those tend to be ‘finish a gig, get a call for another, and wait.’  I’ll admit I just woke up, but I don’t see the advantage to have a lot undone tasks waiting for me. Usually players are either concerned about  having  20 or more undone tasks or goals and they want to unlock the Art Gallery, or they have no storyline and Simon isn’t calling..   2 or 3 at the same time seems right.  
    There is wait time when  you finish a gig and get a call to wait hours for the next in the series.   Only for a few rare storylines you’ll have a 12 or 24 hour wait.  Usually for an 8 hour gig, there is an 8 hour wait.  
    It sounds like you are anxious to get through things. Like players who are trying to unlock a business or get to meet skylar etc.  believe me, when y9u have 10 or more undone tasks, Maria stops calling with offers.  She thinks  you’re too busy.  There is no advantage to having a lot of undone tasks. Just the opposite. 
    So, are you looking to unlock a specific thing, or do you feel you have missed something?  Bottom line, just keep doing your storyline gigs to open all aspects of the game. 
    If you want t( move things along faster, there is always the opportunity to start the gig early. Call Simon and he’ll tell you how many stars for an early start. Or, if you have nothing to do while waiting for the next storyline, I would either
    • do parties to quickly climb up in rank. 
    • Do reality shows 
    • Check any businesses that might be ready to work fir the week
    Hope some of this helps. If you need more specific info, or I totally missed your point, let’s try again!  :)

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