🎆v10.11 - Update is Here!

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(ok, now let's all take a moment and sing the fanfare tune.
You know it.  Bum Bum Bum
Bum Bum Bum
Bum Bum Bum Bum Bum Bum
Cue the Horns!

I don't know what trumpeting you were singing, but mine was Emerson Lake & Palmer's
Fanfare for the Common Man.  It's a special song @Rumpelstilzchen and I bonded over.
Oh, right, back to the Update Anticipation

Woo Hoo.  I am excited. 
How about you? 
Should we start offering puppies and colorful chants right off the bat?
or maybe we should start the thread post haste!
Let's not forget the Update Button this time.
One of my fondest moments was when Lovely @LindaVB
was the first to find the update in the app store.
She came running in, slapped down this graphic

So whoever sees the Update in the store 1st, please come slap that baby down.
We'll all come running. It's like our very own Bat Signal.
So, let's recap....an Update is coming up....

And we wouldn't have it any other way Kris.  So, Who's ready?
I think it's time to open the thread and obsess.  Anyone want to dance it open?

Hmm.  That looks good to me.  So, it's official then.
Threads Open.

Oh, Sorry, Khloe.  I forgot to hit the button.
So let's talk about what the update might bring, and playfully beg for Spoilers.
If you are having trouble DO NOT UNINSTALL THE GAME!
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    LindaVBLindaVB Registered Users, Moderators 7,454 Posts
    Yes the update thread is live!! Thank you @kokokokonut!! I’m really excited to see what’s in store for us next week!!
    Daily KKH player since 2014 ~ iOS

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    kokokokonutkokokokonut Moderators 29,114 Posts
    I hang my head in shame.  Let's "Droll and colorfully chant?" Khloe, you're going back to giphy.  give you makeover.
    If you are having trouble DO NOT UNINSTALL THE GAME!
    🦋Purple Headed ♊+ 🥥 Chick Playing iOS & Android 🦋
    I Am NOT a Glu Employee
    🌟If you want my attention please send a dm
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    LovelyEmmaLovelyEmma Registered Users, Member 4,384 Posts
    Im sooo exaited for the upcoming update <3
    I hope we will have some spoilers soon *wink* @KalindaKing *wink*
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    dpetersdpeters Registered Users, Member 2,843 Posts
    @beba13 me too! I hope we can at least get a sneak peek soon!
    Android player 
    Christmas lover 🎄
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    snakiekkhsnakiekkh Registered Users, Member 336 Posts
    SO glad an update is coming, honestly need a change in my life and I'm resisting the urge to dye my hair pink for the third time in four years. Please, Glu, let it be a good one, save me from doing something drastic out of boredom.
    Katie, iOS player, actually a lizard with a keyboard
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    AmyMimiAmyMimi Registered Users, Member 2,373 Posts
    I’m trying to be optimistic about this update 😬 it’s just the past few have been a bit lackluster so let’s hope it’s worthwhile ! 🤞🙌
    iOS 😊
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    DelphineGarnierDelphineGarnier Registered Users 4,828 Posts
    I wouldn't mind another location or business since it's been a while since we got any. I'd like to be able to do more with Hawaii location we got since we could only use it to renew our vows so there's nothing we're going with it after.
    Platform: Android

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    JustinMJustinM Registered Users 47 Posts
    I think its time they update kim’s new house... and redo some avatar’s and maybe find a new way to include them more into the game? Would be nice to see kanye and maybe some offical yeezy clothes
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    JustinMJustinM Registered Users 47 Posts
    add kanye and the kids! and yeezy clothes; yeezy heels and stuff from his seasons 
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    MiyuriMiyuri Registered Users, Member 289 Posts
    Good news: the display issues on the iPad Pro 11" will be fixed in the next update!
    Finally!!! Took you long enough! This should have been dealt with in an incremental update, not after 4 full weeks.
    @Amilicious @icechic @pristineperson Just to let you know about it since you were also probably waiting to hear back and none of us was tagged.

    I also hope you are finally implementing the requests from other players that come back every single time in these threads. They don’t cost you anything, some give you even more money, and they would make the game so much more enjoyable, which should always be your priority!
    Do I sound bitter every time I write on this forum? I know I do. But the way this company is treating its customers is putting me in a constant state of bad mood and I’d like to see that change because I didn’t download this game to feel like this after a year of playing.
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    karina_kkhkarina_kkh Registered Users, Member 91 Posts
    i'm not too sure where to post this but i guess i'll comment it here...

    aside from all the messy stuff happening with this SYS i can't help but feel bad for male dolls. the femme fatale theme is not a terrible idea, but if you're going to have male & female dolls, maybe trying to have gender neutral themes would be best. but if you have the word femme in the title, it kind of limits players, specially male dolls players. i know it's an expression but no one seems to be following the theme anyway. this scene from mr & mrs smith came to my mind immediately, yet the amount of pastel gowns i've seen gives me the idea that lots of people don't know what it means. so, something like bond villain or secret agent could have very well worked. and although kkh is mainly targeted to girl dolls, making the game fair and enjoyable for all users should be the aim. 
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