Saved game not loading?

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I just loaded my game from one Apple device to another, and normally when I would retrieve my data from Game Center, it would go smoothly and everything would be transferred over. Sometimes I would get notices that there was "no game associated with this device", but that was solved by exiting out of the app and going back in. This time around, whenever I press the Game Center button to retrieve my data from, I just get a loading screen saying "checking for save.." (normal), BUT it doesn't go anywhere. There's no pop-up of my saved game or one of those notices as said above. The "checking for save.." just ends and then it goes back to the selection screen of services. Can someone please help me? 

EDIT: lmaooo nvm I deleted the game and reinstalled, which fixed everything!
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    Glad you resolved that issue, just be aware it is not recommended because in some cases it can result in loss of data.  Welcome. 
    If you are having trouble DO NOT UNINSTALL THE GAME!
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