🗳️👰SYS - May 21st, 2020 - Dream Wedding - Perfect Theme for an Almost June SYS💐🥂



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    The White Dress...

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    @ashleydianem this is so wholesome, I wanna imagine her sat in front of her phone worrying about what your next move would be 
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    Got 3rd place! Pretty happy as there were so many TBs in my group. I will never understand the one doll who must have used 10 - 15 tickets over the weekend to be in top 5, but then didn't submit anything in the last few hours 🤷 a little bummed because a doll in my TS had great on theme looks but lost to TBs and came 6th. Also I can't unsee the frayed edge of the dress now 😂  
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    If you want to use a handheld with the veil just do this! I think this came from @jessica296, but I’m not too sure. I just saved it just in case I ever had a hair that required this 
    @Poopnuggets69 It works!! Thank you for sharing 😊💕

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  • jessica296jessica296 New Member Registered Users 112 Posts
    If you want to use a handheld with the veil just do this! I think this came from @jessica296, but I’m not too sure. I just saved it just in case I ever had a hair that required this 
    I believe it was actually @Koakuma who figured this out 
    SisSnappedLikeThanos deserves the world 💞
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    I’m not going to lie, I did end up putting some tickets into overcoming the two guys in first and second that had been pushing tickets from the get go. 
    The looks hadn’t been bad from one of them but the one who was pulling 1st place was just submitting anything they could find and I just decided f-it I’m taking that veil 😂😂
    It looks good, if only the corner wasn’t clipped on the dress 😩😩
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    i cant believe i ended up in first place!!! after weeks and weeks of losing to ticket buyers it’s kind of a shock to win lol. anyways, i was in second by only 1 point so i only had to submit one extra ticket to beat the tb in my group. thankfully, because she stopped submitting looks completely. im so happy! 😻
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    @EmCharlotte Aww, thank you for including my doll! The weather is getting hot in my country so I can totally relate to your choice of outfit 🤣🤣


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    My top scores were pretty good, and not all white which was surprising.
    I think I ended up dying the rose and the bouquet nearly every possible colour haha

    It was good to see the gowns used differently, but I’m looking forward to a more casual SYS again now :)

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  • AngelaSwiftAngelaSwift Registered Users, Member 29 Posts
    Managed to get 4th! The designs on the dress are exquisite and SO DETAILED I am in LOVEEE 😍😍😍 Nearly overslept and miss out on two tix (because SYS ends at 9am) in SEA hahaha 😭 if I really missed them I would have ended up 6th. 😫😢 Time to recharge for the next SYS 😅 Side Note: Voted like crazy cause was hoping to get a second diamond from the voting booth but I guess that doesn’t exist 🤷‍♀️ probably contributed at least 50,000 votes this time, they should have some award for a certain amount of votes casted... 🤣🤣
  • KingReyy7KingReyy7 Registered Users, Member 220 Posts
    My Lowest, Highest and Favourite looks for this sys. Overall i had fun and I thought this theme would have been harder than it was. Lol i also think i dyed the bouquet every single colour i could. 
  • LizzieKathLizzieKath Registered Users, Member 210 Posts

    Best, worst, and favorite. I guess I should have broken out the cake before my last look! Came in 4th and my doll is loving her new vintage glam one so much she had to call the TV crew. 

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  • LuxeLife1LuxeLife1 Registered Users, Member 31 Posts
    LuxeLife1 said:

    Well that was a nightmare 🙃😂 was in 1st all weekend until miss Chelle came along around Saturday ish. Like, I had it in the bag for like two whole days and I was terrified of this so I did what I had to do lol...not proud at all but I’m not participating in next week’s sys anyway lol
    Same thing happened with me too, I was first all weekend until about yesterday another player started submitting a ton of tickets. I just fought with her for first the last 30 minutes. So stressful.
    Yes girl I feel you. It’s too much.
  • Bear_KKHBear_KKH Registered Users, Member 1,128 Posts
    I want to cry, I fell asleep on the sofa last night and never submitted my last ticket 😭 I could have placed 3rd 🤧

    My 13 tickets would have been fine if not for so many TBs ☹
    - Emmy
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    edited May 2020

    My bride dreams might be over but I will be performing 80s power ballads at all wedding venues. 

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    My highest, my lowest and my favorite..

     I just realized that I didn’t change my eye makeup in any of these lol.. my highest is definitely not my favorite but my looks have never been over 49 🤷🏼‍♀️ 

    For the the second week in a row I was able to stay in the top 5 (I’ve only been playing since November of last year so my kloset isn’t the best). My TS group had at least 3 ticket buyers so Im so happy I was able to get the TS dress it’s so beautiful and the earnable hair is gorgeous!!
  • ashleyyashleyy Registered Users, Member 1,364 Posts
    Had one tb since the start, I was in second place the whole game and then a second tb came up and I ended up winning in 3rd 

    (Love the dress, wish the shoes didn’t show tho) 💖

  • ashleydianemashleydianem Registered Users, Member 1,357 Posts
    @snakiekkh Someone has done that to me before and it made me mad so I didn’t want to do it to someone else ☺️
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    Good morning dolls ! The event always ends around 3 AM so I wasn’t awake and it’s always a surprise for me because I can’t keep my 👀 on it...I’ve became 3rd this week 😊
    Took a screenshot of my doll wearing the veil. It’s beautifull tho !

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    I needed to use 4 extra tickets to stay in the top 5.. TB were going crazy for the hair!! 

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    Finished 3rd, behind two TBs who both had over 900 points, so no chance for me 😂 but still I enjoyed this SYS, was definitely challenging 😊 congratulations to all of you ❤️

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