Accidental clothing purchase!

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I had accidentally bought a dress for 120 k-stars that I didn’t mean to buy and I was really wanting it reversed cause I really didn’t want it and I was trying to save up for something else and clicked the ok button by accident, is there anyway I can have help I’m really upset and shocked by this and was trying to save up for the next vip event.


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    2ftpoop said:
    Hello @pristineperson! Thank you for posting. I have been a player off and on for 3 years and just recently started playing again with the stay at home situation. I lurk here but your post compelled me to finally post to say: the same thing happened to me this weekend! I had almost 200 Kstars then suddenly I noticed I only had 80!!! I was so upset that I actually cried haha. I combed through the kloset to finally find these new eyes. I only wear the Mario makeup and would never buy such random eyes for so many k stars... I think they were either 120 or 110 Kstars. I sent an in game ticket and glu said there was nothing they could do even though I have vip (just bronze) and have spent like $50 on diamonds and fashion goals just in the last 2 months. Anyway that is my life story. 

    I noticed in the SYS thread, user @wowbabeusurertoxic had the same accidental purchase issue. I wonder if it happened to anyone else this weekend? Maybe it was a glitch? 
    It happened to me this morning and I had 122 k-stars and I had tried to watch a video for more gems so because I clicked on a dress that I had enough for (wasn’t looking) I had thought I clicked on free gems but instead clicked on the ok button!!! I had contacted them through game and they said all in game purchases are final, I am crying right now and am so disappointed in what they said and myself, I’ve been playing the game for years and not once have I asked for a reverse refund but yet my other games do it, I would never EVER! try to scam anyone into these kind of things, I’m really sad so I tried contacting them on glu support on the actual site, now I’m waiting for a response, I hope they say yes cause I had everything planned out, I had 60 k-stars in general and I bought 1 daily outfit then was gonna buy 4 more then I would have 300+ k-stars for the vip event, now I can’t do that cause I spent 120, I’m really sad and I hope they say yes cause I really wouldn’t scam them or anything like that, I’m just asking for a refund.
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    I believe you and I hope you get your k stars back! 
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    I made an accidental purchase. Is a refund available?

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    _Nyx_ said:
    I made an accidental purchase. Is a refund available?

    As others above have stated, no, there are no refunds and Glu has said all purchases, even accidental, are final. They haven't changed that, @_nyx_
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