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I just had a few quick questions about VIP memberships, as I am thinking of upgrading to Gold VIP.

To preface - I was unaware that VIP storyline gigs rewarded more pieces of the VIP outfit if you are a higher tier. For the past two months I was Bronze VIP and didn't even know I was missing out. The completionst in me is all types of RAWR! (lol)

1. Simon called me with a new VIP storyline gig, but I haven't done it yet. If I upgrade right now to Gold VIP - will it register so I get rewarded the whole outfit upon completion of the story? Or, since he called when I was Bronze - am I going to miss out?

2. Is there any way to get the outfit pieces I missed from past VIP stories I completed in the future? I know now that VIP changed and it's no longer a new story each month. There are around 16 past VIP stories that newer users like me can complete, and then it's done. Just wondering if Glu TEAM also changed the rewards system, and made it possible to complete outfits if you upgrade since there is no more new content there.

I appreciate any help!


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    before taking before starting simons gig, check that you show you are the higher level vip, aI’ll try and get a good answer for you on that.
    For the past items,  once you have completed the gig, you can;t go back and redo it.  At this time, there is no way to go back.  
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    Thank you koko!
    If you get an "official" word let me know - but either way I am thankful for your insight!
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