Reality Riddle: I'm stuck at Club Tulip

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I found Ray in London and talked to him. After my partner burst into the club, nothing happens. I asked google and know that he is supposed to say "Aw man, you beat me there..." but in my game he just compliments me as always. It's also a coincidence that I met and knew him at Club Tulip in the first place as well. Now I don't know what to do to finish this goal.

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    This is the goal and there's only one way to enter.

    But the problem was solved itself hours ago lol. At first I tried closing the game and opened it again but still nothing happened. The next day, there's still nothing. When I opened the game again hours ago, he automatically continued what he's supposed to say. Guess the game was just lagging :D


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    What happens when you exit? Can you take a screenshot of the actual goal? 

    Also, when you are outside the club, is there only one way to enter? Like sometimes you can have a gig attached to a building and you have to actually tap into the gig entry for it to work.
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    I believe this is where you and Chad are teamates.  His clue was about his hair. And i think you end up going to Lif I Miami.

    The entrance choice @soundspretty mentioned was like this. (Your task is a different place, this is just my example with the Plus sign.)
    The plus sign means there are choices.  Tap it
    And you can either go in normally ~ Panino (no task ) you go in grt a drink. Meet an NPC, no task,
    Or  choose to go into your named task. In this case, it was Panino, for a Kristmas gig. When you go in this way  your needed gig character dolls are there to talk with. (Yes, I'm very late lol)

    But trouble in Tulip, triggers a memory that you will find Chad in Miami, because he doesn't like the weather in London?.  Forgive me if this is not that gig.

    Maybe the door advice will help.  :)
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