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Hi, I just completed my latest VIP storyline and after Simon called to say congratulations on completing all the VIP storyline and gave me 10Kstars. Obviously I’m shocked? So does that mean no more free outfits? What now then? Just 2Kstars daily? 


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    Hope_xHope_x Registered Users, Member 155 Posts
    Can someone please help with this please. £5 a month seems a lot of money for just 2k stars a day? Do we have an update if/when the VIP will be updated? 
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    Hi,  have you had VIP for 15 months?  If so, you have done them all for now, but They have not announced when more might be forthcoming.   If you haven’t had VIP fir 15 months, then send a ticket to Support and ask why your VIP storylines have stopped.  Good luck, 
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    I’ve probably had it for 15 months. Hopefully they announce new content soon. I don’t want to cancel but would like a bit more for my money. 

    Thanks for your help
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