🗳️KK:H SYS 8/27/20 - Dress your Dolls in Leather and Lace! 🐄🧵🗳️



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    I wonder if this is a lack of reading comprehension or maybe not enough knowledge on fashion and fabric.

    Floral patterns refer to lace; lace patterns often (to not say always or most of the time) are all about flower motifs. And while sometimes it's just patternless, most laces incorporate flower designs.

    As for the ripped part, I'd assume it either refers to leather, or when lace is cut and sew together. Like in thrifting. 

    Hope this clarifies some of the confusion 😬
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    @princessprecious why are you so funny 😂
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    I apologize for the condescending attitude. But I mentioned it, because people are never satisfied with the calls for some reason.

    When the explanation is detailed, there are complaints of not understanding, like right now. When it's on the simpler side like "wear sunglasses and beach dresses", or "wear leather and lace" in this case, then the complaints are about the call being too vague and that it helped in nothing. 

    Edit: typos
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    yezx said:
    @princessprecious why are you so funny 😂
    I use humour to disguise my pain lmao jk (or am i?)
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    I went looking for an old Khloe inspired lace camisole and found this instead - it’s under dresses. Don’t worry about the call and wear what you think is best for the theme. 

    @KalindaKing The call is super confusing though, even more so to people that don't use the forum to see your reply. Votes will be all over... Can't you do a new call saying Kim's drunk lol wear leather and lace...
    💀💀 yes i agree
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    Regardless of what the phone call says, I'm following the actual theme. But to be on the safe side, one of my first 2 looks with use that dress that is leather but has a floral print. 
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    @Sahana my new favorite conspiracy 
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    I remade the TS look with things already in my closet. 🙄

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    @rebecca0105 I don’t think you came off condescending imo. Yeah I think looking surface/face level at the call was kinda confusing but your analysis is exactly how my mind thought of it (couldn’t figure the ripped part tho so ty for that one!)

    the dirt bike/ diamond is kinda a rough and tough vs girly theme. Being from the country I can’t imagine a time I’ve rode a quad in either leather or lace! (Unless you count my boots lol)

    ps your 0105 in your user name is my anniversary w my bf! Totally random but it’s been so long since I had to think of the exact date and I was like hm why is that familiar😂
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    thallisa said:
    I hope that just leather or just lace will be fine because mixing both in one look is gonna be super difficult! Some looks that I've prepared:

    Your style is bomb. You’re killing it!
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    Am I the only one who hasn’t got Kim’s phone call in the game? ☹️ 
    Seeing the Kim’s narration here I’m just gonna ignore it cos I don’t think it will related to the theme.. fingers crossed 🤞🏻 
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    Are any of these on theme?
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    It’s definitely too difficult to put both leather and lace alongside with floral patterns and ripped fabric. When I typed “leather+lace+floral+ripped” this is what comes up:
    so it’s too specific. If the phone call is not a glitch then it gonna be too difficult and the voting booth just gonna be a mess.
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