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    lulula said:
    Meauxlala said:
    I’m fuming. Absolutely fuming. I take pleasure in the fact that she’s probably spent money on those tickets to overtake me by so much but I’m so damn p-ed off at her doing this. 

    But this cow just ruined it. 
    Meauxlala said:
    The attitude of some people on this thread regarding buying is so toxic. 

    I hope the Ticket Buying purists feel good up there on their high horses. 
    @Meauxlala I'm tagging you so you see this - first, please know that no one is coming for you, girl, and everyone understands your frustration with aggressive TBs. With that said, these statements are dramatic and passive aggressive. You call TBs "cows" and then lecture us about having a toxic attitude toward TBs.

    You are absolutely valid in your frustration, but name calling and snarky comments are not productive or constructive. 

    Edit: feel free to message me if you have a problem with what I've said. No one needs drama on here lol
    You're the one that started "drama" by called me hypocritical and being snarky to begin with in your very first reply to me. 

    Cow is barely an insult. I'm British, it's basically like calling someone a jerk. Don't read too much into it. She was a cow. 

    And the toxic attitude towards TB's who are members of this forum is well documented with people on this sub having their dolls pictures posted so often that there had to be a rule made to censer names because it kicked off so much. I'm just stating facts. 

    Any more issues? Otherwise I'm done with this thread and issue. I only saw this comment because I logged back in after taking a break from everything and saw you tagged me. 

    There's a new SYS and plenty of new drama probably erupting over there so imma call it. 
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    edit: whooops wrong thread 😂😂

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