Kloset Klassics! I want to know your must-have, iconic clothes!

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Hi everyone! With Black Friday coming up and a nice stash of diamonds saved up I need to know - what do you consider the most iconic, cult-favourite items in the wardrobe? 

I’ve started with three gowns I absolutely cannot live without... they all dye so beautifully and do consistently well in the voting booth! Please let me know the hairstyles, dresses, shoes, handhelds, bags that are absolute KKH classics. This could also include the items that are iconic in the opposite way... I’m thinking the ham dress, the good old wedding-dress-reindeer-antlers combo, those daily box handbags, the Korkov mask and all the items we love to cringe at!

Without further ado... the iconic NYE dress, the mermaid gown and the dress some have dubbed “The Tomato Gown”! 🥰

Can’t wait to see what you all post, let’s go back through time and share some fashion gold! 
Let’s be friends - Emmy KKH on FB. I play on iOS 🤍


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