Fire & Ice SYS glitch?? Help!

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I haven’t posted much before so sorry if this is already a thread or something about this post isn’t following rules but I think my vote counter is glitched? My first 2 outfits were my best looks, but they’ve been active for like 12 hours and stopped getting votes at like <30 (my educated guess on their final vote count would be around 40) but they’ve still got white tabs, not the grey ones that come when your outfit is done being voted on. I really think something is wrong now because I submitted a 3rd look and that one is closed with the grey tab but the first 2 are still active but not growing in count. Am I the only one? 


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    I have the same issue, my first look have been stuck at 21 votes since yesterday 
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    Hi I’m sorry this is happening. Please send a ticket to support. Go to the top left corner of your game screen tap the three lines to access options. Then tap help, then tap Glu Support.  Explain the issue, & send Screenshot if you want.  In the meantime, I;ll ask if there is a different process for help.  Good luck and send the ticket!
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    A lot of people are having the same issue and a while ago Kalinda said that the team is looking into it in the sys thread.
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