Prize distribution for each style level?

DoloresWyattDoloresWyatt Registered Users, Member 1,254 Posts
Is there already a thread or link that clearly shows the prize distribution for each level? Not just the prizes you get for coming 1st in Bronze, Silver, or Gold, but how many people get which prize.

For example I'm in Silver III and 1st and 2nd both get the top prize (dress) where last week in Silver II only 1st place got the top prize 
Also now in Silver III 1st - 4th get the 2nd prize (purse), 1st - 7th get the money handheld ect. I really want to know the distribution of the lower prizes like how many get a silver TS box and how many get a Bronze box. 

So that's what I'm after, seeing how many people get which prize for each level. I hope this makes sense, it had given me a headache just thinking about it but if anyone can help I'd appreciate it so much!

Don't know the rules around making a thread so hope this is OK, I think it would be very helpful to easily see how many people get which prizes without crawling through a while SYS thread.

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    milristmilrist Registered Users, Member 395 Posts
    Bronze lll😄

    Everyone above 11th place level up and everyone under 18th level down!
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    arifromkkharifromkkh Registered Users, Member 269 Posts
    edited December 2020
    Silver II, 10-12 get a silver box, 13-17 get a bronze box, u level up if u are 10th place or above and level down if u are 17th place or below (not sure if this is always the case tho) 
    Ps. the pics are messed up but idk how to fix that lol
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    RoseLiaRoseLia Registered Users, Member 24 Posts
    edited December 2020
    (I'm on Silver III so I'll look into the rest and update, this is in terms of TS items and gift boxes not counting other prizes like kstars and dyes)
    1-3 = 5 items
    4-6 = 4 items
    7-9 = 3 items
    10-12 = 2 items
    13-15 = 1 item
    15< = gift boxes
    Silver III:
    1-2 = 4 items
    3-4 = 3 items
    5-7 = 2 items
    8-10 = 1 item
    ^ 10- LEVEL UP ^
    11-14 = silver gift boxes
    15-20 = bronze gift boxes
    v 18+ LEVEL DOWN v
    20< = cash prize
    Silver II:
    1 = 4 items
    2 = 3 items
    3-5 = 2 items
    6-9 = 1 item
    Silver I:
    1 = 4 items
    2 = 3 items
    3-4 = 2 items
    5-8 = 1 item

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