Why is glu customer support so aggressively bad?

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So my diamond box basically failed when I tried to open it and I got nothing. There was this bizarre glitch where I got the last SYS's silver box and the diamond box at the same time and they both messed up: I actually got the new dress in the diamond box but the collect button didn't work, and then it segued straight into the SYS palette where all of the items were visible and I just got to pick the item I wanted the most. Both of these are weird so I messaged support.

When I approached customer support about this their response was "our game just does that sometimes, screenshots or it didn't happen". I think its astonishing that they basically can admit that their game is this unstable and yet treat people as if they're lying by default.

I know this has happened to other people too! What kinds of awful customer service have you had from glu?


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    I’m so sorry that this happened to you. But I agree its almost never helpful. A few months back my offers were not loading for multiple months and updates and I just kept getting the same basic automated response from different people like they never read the previous message. I dont even mean the whole conversation they failed to correctly read the message they were responding. I tried multiple times and it took days at a time. Never gotten a helpful solution and issue remains. Recently I found out that it was because Tapjoy stopped working in my country for iOS. This should’ve been told by support the first time I messaged them.
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    I’ve never known a company hate its customers as much as glu does 
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    The diamonds and dyes that I receive in sys do 
    not appear to me for a few months. Now I always
    screnshoot everything, before receiving and after
    . Most of the time those who attend are super 
    polite to me, Sometimes a person appears who is
     not so polite.
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    nath01nath01 Registered Users, Member 14 Posts
    So i learned that I have to screenshot everything!!and honestly I'm getting tired of it.
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    I literally spent 3 diamonds on dyes that I didn’t receive what 💀
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    I think I brushed it off before as me just getting unlucky with unhelpful support staff, but seeing so many other players post their own support convos I feel like one of the main problems lie in the staff seemingly not understanding the game's mechanics and features. I'm sure the support team handles a whole bunch of games, not just KKH, and they might not even be tied to GLU. Lots of companies nowadays hire a team on the other side of the globe to handle support requests, and they rarely have deep understandings of whatever product they are providing support for, they just follow a script. This setup is very successful financially speaking, but often comes at the cost of quality info and interactions.

    I've seen a lot of people struggling with customer support agents requesting screenshots although it's clear that a screenshot opportunity has passed and they should know that if they are well versed in the functions of the game. 

    I think I'm going to set up a screen recording that can be easily activated whenever I go to collect items just to be safe, but we shouldn’t have to go through all that trouble. I obviously don't know the code that GLU uses for the game, but if they can check out other things using a game ID (like looking through someone's account if they suspect hacking, or gift items like the Elsa braid and dress that was given to some players experiencing a TS glitch last year) I feel like they should probably be able to see when an item was acquired and then fix it when a player proves that the item never got delivered.
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    RomakiRomaki Registered Users, Member 540 Posts
    The Glu Support is just not good. All my experience with them have been like "better luck next time" and I think in this day and age uncaring support is really uncommon. Like support and communication goes a long way.

    But we're not the only ones having this experience.

    Hopefully EA can do something about... of all the possible companies though.
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    dahliababydahliababy Registered Users, Member 206 Posts
    So just today I was contacting support because I was over the level down bar and should have stayed in the same tier instead I was demoted, when I explained they went ahead and explained tier system and suggested that I submit more looks so that I can move up to top 10 and level up. The SYS in question was finished and new one havent had started at the time and it was clear from the screenshot I provided them. What?? Have the decency to read what I wrote?
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    eileen20eileen20 Registered Users, Member 33 Posts
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    it’s been almost two hours and still no word on my missing ticket for this SYS, i know a lot of people are having the same problem so they should really just send us all a courtesy ticket at least. 

    edit: got my ticket back, shoutout to Azhar with customer care🙏🏼🙏🏼
    message me to add on facebook <33
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