Stuck On SoHo Loading Screen?

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(Originally titled “Weird Game Error PLZ HELP, edited for new info!)

Hello everyone! I know loading issues have sort of been addressed in the admin posts, but I think I’m having a more unique issue and I would love some advice on how to fix it if anyone has experienced the same thing!

So, first of all I have no game or save data as this issue has been happening since I downloaded the app. What happens is that I open the app, the regular loading screen comes on and loads normally, then [EDIT] it takes me to the SoHo screen that’s all black, the music is playing properly but the screen never changes from black.
[Original: the next screen is just pure black with what looks like cut off words in the bottom left corner.]
I already submitted a formal ticket, and they said that the game was functioning on their end so I know it’s a problem with my phone or something I’m doing. I’ve done all the troubleshooting I can find in the forums and the game still won’t load properly.
My phone is an IPhone 12, it is currently up to date at iOS 14.4.2, bandwidth tests say the connection is strong but just in case they weren’t accurate I’ve tried opening the app at various times of day, including when everyone else in the house is asleep so there’s no streaming or downloading happening, I have 85.9GB of free storage on my phone (so waaay more than the 2GB of space they recommend to have free), I’ve toggled my WiFi as well as tried to play it with both WiFi and mobile data (4G/5G) and turning one off to play with the other only (so WiFi off only mobile data or vice versa), I think the only thing I haven’t tried is waiting for an hour or more to see if it’s just loading reaaally slowly.

Has anyone else had this issue? Do you think I should just wait longer than 20 mins? Did you have a similar issue at all? I really want to play this game, so I’m hoping I can find out what I’m doing wrong rather than just give up on it! Any advice is more than appreciated, thank you to anyone who bothered to read this all the way through for your time!! (;0;)
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