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  • QueenRhiaQueenRhia Registered Users, Member 423 Posts
    edited May 2021
    Edit: Found one, thx!

    Hi, I'm looking for a squad with active fun and nice people!
    I'm a level 40 daily player and I'm currently on my second comeback.
    I haven't been very active on the forum lately, but I'm playing the game more than I should. :wink:
    *** platform: android ***
    *** level 45 ***
  • Meglew__Meglew__ Registered Users, Member 3 Posts
    im literally obsessed with this’s game and haven’t stopped playing it everyday for two years😭 someone take me into their squad pleaseee
  • megandppmegandpp Registered Users, Member 148 Posts
    Anyone part of the Super Squad on the forum? My doll's name is Gaia and I'm hoping to connect as if we're looking for anything we can directly ask each other!!!
    Looking for:
    • Pippa
    • Lillly
    • Olivia
    • Belisa Delevigne
    • Saido
    • Paula
    • Morouj
    • Mary G4
    • Barbara
    • Kay
    • Julia
    • Sutton
    • Jung Soo Yeon
    • Ashli
    Just PM me if you see this! Thanks!  <3
  • SiaSia Registered Users, Member 4 Posts
    i've always lurked in the forum but I made an account to find a squad so hi✨

    i'm a level 46 daily player (played a very loooong time) 

    i don't really spend on the game because i'm still a student hahaha

    please let me join your squad💗
  • kardelenkardelen Registered Users, Member 69 Posts

    Hey guys, my name and my dolls name is Kardelen. 
    I’m a level 49 ios player. I used to spend money on this game but i don’t spend money anymore. 
    I’m looking for a squad 💓
    Daily player since September 2019  💖
    | IOS | lvl 45 |  1+++ |✨
    24 years old from Turkey 💕
    English is not my first language 
  • madpotmadpot Registered Users, Member 3 Posts
    I’ve created a squad called “The A Listerzz” I’m super active and have lots of fans!! Come join!!
  • TinaGinaTinaGina Registered Users, Member 37 Posts
    edited May 2021
    I'd very much like to join a squad so please get in touch if I could join yours ❤ I started playing in 2020 and play every day. I'm currently on my third comeback 🤗 Android player

    Edit: squad found 🙏🏼
  • Rosy_Rosy_ Registered Users, Member 5 Posts
    I’d like to join a squad.  I prefer not to be in a free play group because I don’t want to be the only one spending money.  Please reach out to me 💕
  • LaLaLolaLaLaLola Registered Users, Member 163 Posts
    Hey there! It’s been awhile since I last posted but I am looking for a squad! I’m a daily player, I buy k stars and diamonds regularly and I have a collection of items over the years that I’d be happy to share with my squad! Message me!

  • LaLaLolaLaLaLola Registered Users, Member 163 Posts
    @rikkksss Hey! Not sure if you recognize my username but do you have any spots left in your squad?
  • FieraFiera Registered Users, Member 322 Posts
    I am also looking for a cool squad. 
    I’m a daily player who occasionally buys diamonds so yea let me know if you want me on your squad 😊
  • loveberkleyloveberkley Registered Users, Member 6 Posts
    Looking for a squad. Daily player. Gold VIP membership. Gold Tier SYS. 
  • debztempdebztemp Registered Users, Member 2 Posts
    Hi everyone!! I invite y'all to join my squad, I am a daily user <3 Feline Phenom #570783 

  • Evie_KhhEvie_Khh Registered Users, Member 61 Posts
    Hi beautiful ladies. If you still looking for a squad you are invite to join our squad it calls ""A squad" we are daily users. 
  • Evie_KhhEvie_Khh Registered Users, Member 61 Posts
    edited May 2021
    @sia and @TinaGina Gina you are welcome if you like to join the "A squad". 
  • Evie_KhhEvie_Khh Registered Users, Member 61 Posts
    @loveberkley your doll is stunning you are welcome to join the "A squad "if you are still looking 
  • Evie_KhhEvie_Khh Registered Users, Member 61 Posts
    @fiera hi if you still looking you are welcome in "A squad" 
  • rikkksssrikkksss Registered Users, Member 401 Posts
    @LaLaLola I PM you!
  • xxAnniexxxxAnniexx Registered Users, Member 26 Posts
    Hi!! I am looking to join a squad. I play daily and occasionally spend money (I’d prefer a free play squad though 🙇🏼‍♀️). If anyone needs an additional person who logs in daily, let me know!!

  • Evie_KhhEvie_Khh Registered Users, Member 61 Posts
    edited May 2021
    Hi @xxAnniexx we still need dolls In our squad you are more welcome to join us search "A squad" that's our name love to have you
  • Ashley_veerAshley_veer Registered Users, Member 404 Posts
    hey @xxAnniexx we still need members our squad name"A squad" search for it you are welcome
  • mellishamellisha Registered Users, Member 7 Posts
    boujeejen said:join powerhouse 
    can someone pls recommend me a squad of active players that spend rl money, or message me to join 😭 im abt to make a purchase and want the squad to benefit 

  • mellishamellisha Registered Users, Member 7 Posts
    Hi guys if you’re looking for an awesome squad join powerhouse I just want everyone to have fun and to play this game and get to know each other and let’s all be a powerhouse together woo hoo
  • MayaaMayaa Registered Users, Member 246 Posts
    We need one more active/daily member in our Squad in case you're interested join us 🥰❤️

  • aymandiaymandi Registered Users, Member 125 Posts
    edited May 2021
    hello! ♥️ im looking to join a squad! i am an active player and forum member, I splurge every once in a while in kstars and diamonds! ✨ would be so happy to play with forum dolls!

    EDIT: I already found a squad ♥️♥️♥️♥️ thank you so much dolls!!!!
    mandi ♥️
    english / español
  • bruhh_1qbruhh_1q Registered Users, Member 8 Posts
    bruhh_1q said:
    Update: a join accidentally didn’t work out so I decided to make my own instead! Pm me if you’re a similar type of player :) *18+ only* nothing personal, but I’m 22 and looking to be working with players in my age range 😅 also since I’m making a discord server and we’ll be in communication this group will be a hate free zone - no racism (clear or casual), sexism, homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia, etc.
    That being said, all are welcome so long as you can abide by that requirement! 

    Hey everyone :) 
    I’m a level 35 Bronze VIP daily user looking for an active squad! I’m currently #11 on my A++ list so it’s safe to say I’ve been grinding on this game for a while now 😂 I occasionally make in app purchases, and I’m not on forum much so I’m also hoping for a squad using discord so we can communicate and help eachother out! 
    Still looking! We’ve got 5 so far and the discord is set up, also allowing members to be in other random squads to get those rewards until we have 12+ and can all switch over to Klementines and earn full rewards right away! Pm me for the discord invite link if this sounds like the squad for you! 
  • ashleydianemashleydianem Registered Users, Member 1,357 Posts
    Created a squad for MALE dolls only.
    squad #220213

    Message me so I can add you!
  • kkhaprylkkhapryl Registered Users, Member 6 Posts
    edited May 2021
    hey lovies , ♡ i'm looking for a squad to join ! i'm an active player & recent forum user ( lowkey didn't know a forum existed & i've been playing for how long?? ) gold vip & i spend a lot of money on this game - would be so excited to play with some forum dollies 🦋

    edit: found a squad ! yay <3
    𝒎𝒊𝒔𝒔 𝒂𝒑𝒓𝒚𝒍
    🦋 iOS 🦋
  • Ashley_veerAshley_veer Registered Users, Member 404 Posts
    edited May 2021
    Hi ladies.. for any player who still looking for squad you are welcome to join us search "A squad"that's our name we are now 9/15 you all welcome to join we need daily players that is the most important.
  • Evie_KhhEvie_Khh Registered Users, Member 61 Posts
    Hey.. If there is still anyone of you without any squad you can join us in our squad which called"  A squad "search it you are welcome to join us...good luck for all
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