🗳️💋 SYS 5/17/21 First Date SYS💖🗳️



  • jalapenojalapeno Registered Users, Member 833 Posts
    seems like the sys event is favoring my hair and dress so this will be my next look maybe i can score a 50😎
  • jalapenojalapeno Registered Users, Member 833 Posts
    Where is this dress from ? And could we maybe get it again?
  • eclairteclairt Registered Users, Member 64 Posts
    @jalapeno it looks like its a TS prize, but idk from which SYS. it may be added in the silver boxes in the future depending on how long ago it was?
  • AnulikaAnulika Registered Users, Member 238 Posts

    It do be like that sometimes 🥲
  • Galaxaura14Galaxaura14 Registered Users, Member 278 Posts
    Looks 1-5 🌹

  • tortortortor Registered Users, Member 927 Posts
    A few looks I loved in the VB!!! Including @Amy136602

  • BasakBasak Registered Users, Member 1,215 Posts
    Spotted @Basak 🥰

    Yes, that’s my doll! Thank you for noticing 💖


    ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
    Daily player on iOS! ♡
    85 level also A+++
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  • thetwentyeighththetwentyeighth Registered Users, Member 184 Posts

    First 4 looks.
  • jellymimijellymimi Registered Users, Member 64 Posts
    doing good! currently 4th in my group 🤍 
  • LachimolalaLachimolala Registered Users, Member 905 Posts

    Coincidentally playing this story line today and thought it would fit well here 😂😂😂
    waaaait what storyline is this? i never knew cassio could be so rude! 

    Its a ball that you can choose to go with him or kim.
    He says that to willow.
  • Amy136602Amy136602 New Member Registered Users 851 Posts
    tortor said:
    A few looks I loved in the VB!!! Including @Amy136602

    Yup that’s me!! Thanks for spotting me @tortor 💕!!
    Daily iOS player 😊 

    Facebook Name: MandyKkh
  • yezxyezx Registered Users, Member 2,632 Posts
    iOS player since June 2018. DM to add. 
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