🔎 Our Squads need members! - Only SQUAD Leaders Post Please.



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    HeidiTDHeidiTD Registered Users, Member 10 Posts
    edited September 2021
    Hi dolls!
    We have two spots open.
    Just be active every day.
    Fools gold     #962568 

     Very happy with this squad 💛✨
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    xoxokeiraxoxokeira Registered Users, Member 10 Posts

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    AzaraAzara Registered Users, Member 34 Posts
    We have 3 Spots Open. 
    The only requirement is to be Active daily.
    We recieve the GiftBox daily. 
    You can find more at Baewatch Squad Thread. #827374

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    Ashley_veerAshley_veer Registered Users, Member 539 Posts
    edited October 2021
    Hi guys we look for one active member in the game we count on for daily logging in and can reach easily on the fourm to keep in touch if anyone want to join please DM me. Best of luck to all

    Edit.... We find the new player good luck for all 
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    MadeleineKKHMadeleineKKH Registered Users, Member 73 Posts

    Hi! If you are tired of never getting the giftboxes or squad members never updating their looks you are very welcome to join my squad girly 💕 

    I intend to only have daily players so that my squad can achieve the gift boxes every day. Of course if a doll needs to take a break it will be allowed, but too much slacking will lead to warnings and eventually being kicked out. Therefore my gameplan is to only add forum dolls, so we can make a thread and keep eachother accountable 🥰

    I think that will ensure lots of giftboxes for all my girls! 

    Other than that, dolls that have collected and aqcuired a nice selection of clothes will be prioritiezed at first since that gives more shopping abilities when it comes to lookboks. But it is not a nessecity since i dont want to be an exluding squad👗

    You are absolutely welcome to join. The squad name is Sweet as sugar (#388994)💋
    Hi! We have two spots open now due to inactive players getting kicked out. You guys are welcome to join, only requirement is that you play daily.
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    crevjecrevje Registered Users, Member 1 Posts
    DAILY PLAYERS NEEDED! Join my squad 👉 #627146
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    scarley1999scarley1999 Registered Users, Member 331 Posts
    @MadeleineKKH hey do you still have any spots? My squad is inactive so looking for a new one💖 i’m active daily and make regular purchases:) 
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    AuggiieMxeAuggiieMxe Registered Users, Member 2 Posts
    edited July 2022
    Hey, just started a new squad feel free to join. There are no requirements;P All i ask is that you try to be active<3

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    x13orn13x13orn13 Registered Users, Member 2 Posts
    edited October 2021

    New squad! Small group for now but we are growing! I make purchases once in awhile but you don't have to purchase anything. Just looking for daily players! :blush:

    *Edit - all full!!✨thanks for joining!*
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    ponylegsponylegs Registered Users, Member 50 Posts
    edited October 2021
    @x13orn13 Hey I just joined your squad! Same name as my forum name. A few members of my previous squad hadn't been active and I'd rather be in a group where everyone logs in daily like myself. Thanks for letting me join.

    There's currently room for 2 more members if anyone else if looking for a squad.
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    x13orn13x13orn13 Registered Users, Member 2 Posts
    @ponylegs Awesome!! Thanks for joining..I hope everyone logs in everyday!😁
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    RonnieKKHRonnieKKH Registered Users, Member 11 Posts

    I’m looking for a squad to join. I was made squad leader in my current squad but there are so many inactive players..we rarely get the energy reward! Please let me know if you have space in your squad for an active daily player.

    Thanks x
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    KierellaKierella Registered Users, Member 12 Posts
    Hey Guys and Ghouls! I made a Squad in KKH as soon as they were introduced to the game and I’ve been a squad of one! Until recently has someone joined my Squad. The Squad is called Kountess Krew and is for those of us who are Gothic but Glam! With the Halloween season around I hope I can attract those to my squad who also love the dark and dainty aesthetic! Requirements is really to be a total Battie! And have looks in your look book that are Halloween outfits or totally Spooky Stylish! I wanna grow my Creepy Closet but not too many show your style events come around where players use accessories that fit the alt aesthetic. Come join my krew if you think you are Daring and Deadly! 
    Squad # 969235, I’ve got 13 positions open <3 
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    taniyah_kkhtaniyah_kkh Registered Users, Member 1 Posts
    hi everyone!! i’ve created a squad since it can get pretty tiring scrolling aimlessly trying to find one that has active members and even buyers. i myself do buy sometimes, usually when there’s a diamond kollection i rlly want! since it’s called manifesting i change the motto to a new affirmation daily so everytime you log on you can recite it. if your joining you HAVE to be active and also have at least three looks in your lookbook, try to update it at least once a week. you don’t have to be an active buyer you can be a free player as well. super excited to see y’all’s lookbooks, please join!!
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    commopanda3commopanda3 Registered Users, Member 1 Posts
    Hiya! I joined this squad while looking for other ones and somehow became the leader. Instead of leaving yet another dead squad I figured why not try to build this one up? I buy packs now and then but don’t worry if that’s not your thing! I’d rather focus on getting those daily login rewards and having fun shopping other people’s lookbooks :smile:
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    lauren5677lauren5677 Registered Users, Member 2 Posts
     Created today! #256873 would appreciate anyone joining! I log in daily ❤️
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    katiaxokatiaxo Registered Users, Member 49 Posts
    katiaxo said:
    Removing an inactive player (over 2 weeks) tonight - if you're looking to join a squad, I'd love to have you!
    Just be active daily, we always get our daily bonus box!
    Send me your in-game name so I can accept!  #972433
    Find "The Scarletts" thread if you wanna chat :) 
    Had to remove another player who has been inactive for 3 weeks - looking to fill one spot and would love to have you! Just send me your name so I can accept!
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    chstevensonjrchstevensonjr Registered Users, Member 19 Posts
    Hello everybody!👐
     I have been playing for years. I am the leader of my squad. I’m fabulous, you MUST be a fashionista….to be on this squad. Daily player, always adding money and above all else I’ve been doing this for years! #legendary 

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    piercewithvicpiercewithvic Registered Users, Member 48 Posts
    I’ve created a squad where the only requirement to be in it is to play everyday so we can get awards together. 

    I’ve been playing for a while and I of course give some gifts in the squad😌
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    fknyofknyo Registered Users, Member 6 Posts
    2 spots just opened for DAILY players. These spots are open because on day 3 of not playing, you will be removed to keep all rewards going for the whole squad. We recieve full gifts daily. Please do not join unless you are a daily player. Thank you!!
    Squad #130573
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    helly23helly23 Registered Users, Member 170 Posts
    Hello dolls, I created a squad today and looking for new active members
    Welcome and please be active 💕

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    fairyemifairyemi Registered Users, Member 123 Posts

    Hey Dolls! I just created Girlbosses Unite.
    I actively buy kstars and diamonds, active everyday, and have items purchasable for diamonds in my LookBook. 

    - Looking for ACTIVE members, we need to earn the squad boxes DAILY.

    - Preference for members with a seasoned LookBook, so we can all be super stylish past items

    - Preference for members who spend money, although I do purchase kstars and diamonds which sends a gift to all members, more gifts will never hurt

    - Right now the squad is public, but inactive members WILL be removed and squad will possibly become private and you will require acceptance to join.

    - Squad ID is #: 624787

    Gaslight, Gatekeep, Girlboss. Join my Squad today!

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    fairyemifairyemi Registered Users, Member 123 Posts
    We still have 6 spots open! Must be active so we get boxes Every Day. I regularly buy diamonds and kstars and everyone gets rewards from it 💚 looking for players with a variety of purchasable diamond items in their LookBook!
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    fairyemifairyemi Registered Users, Member 123 Posts
    We have 14/15 active players, looking for a few more seasoned players. Join GIRLBOSSES UNITE. I regularly purchase kstars and diamonds, looking to purchase diamond items from people’s LookBook.
    ID # : 624787
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    DaphnyDaphny Registered Users, Member 66 Posts
    We are looking for a new member! 

    Please send me a message if you’re looking for a active squad. 

    We have a threat on the forum. 

    Buying player would be nice but not a pre. 
    No hackers!
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    cococat14cococat14 Registered Users, Member 1 Posts
    Join my squad the Hollywood Hunties - # 417501. Must play every day! Only a few spots open, but I will remove members who don't log in daily if you'd like to join  ;)
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    kanayakkh_kanayakkh_ Registered Users, Member 5 Posts
    Hey guys i'm just open a new squads and still have a lot of space to fill! Just type "honeymoon ave" on a searching box and feel free to join. 
    Ps. Daily player needed so we can get those free box :wink:
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    NewsychickNewsychick Registered Users, Member 427 Posts
    Hey, I’ve created a new squad after getting tired of groups not achieving the gift boxes for a couple of months. 

    Looking for members. Only requirements are: 
    logging in daily
    occasional updates of your Lookbook

    Have to remove an inactive player so looking for a DAILY player to join and would love for it to be a forum member. 

    Send me a DM first with your doll’s name if you’d like to join. 
    Thanks x
    My doll's name is Kaysi 
    iOS player 
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    sadaharusadaharu Registered Users, Member 23 Posts
    💎Squad Name: Cowboy bebop
    🔮Squad Number: #295177
    3 spots left! We reach daily box everyday! Both female and male dolls are welcomed! 
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    rellbellerellbelle Registered Users, Member 250 Posts
    Hey Dolls!

    I have TWO open spots in my squad ghoul gang! Only requirement is being a daily player! All current members play daily so we always receive the gift boxes. We have a squad forum thread to help look for items to buy from each other and stuff as well! 
    Squad number is 305149 👻✨

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