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eclairteclairt Registered Users, Member 60 Posts
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i make this thread so maybe we can all find each other, as some members didn't join the discord server (yet?) and i don't know who the dolls are either, so please leave a comment here. discord is linked in the squad bio and i feel it's easier to use than the forum (for myself, at least), but now we have multiple ways to interact :blush: 


  • Hope_xHope_x Registered Users, Member 108 Posts
    Hey, I’m in this squad. I tend to use this platform more than discord so would prefer to use this thread I think? 
  • Julia88Julia88 New Member Registered Users 123 Posts
    Hey, can I join the squad? I'm  trying to find a spot for my second game, that I play daily I sent a request (Eliza d) 
    I play on Android
  • kkhjesskkhjess Registered Users, Member 1 Posts
    Hey, I’m in the squad! I’m a long-time forum lurker (hi!) but also on Discord so happy to use either 😊
  • awyeahannahawyeahannah Registered Users, Member 2 Posts
    I am in the squad but did not join the discord. Can you send me a link? Thanks! 
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