How do I get people to join my squad, Parmaviolent

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I've had my squad, Parmaviolent, since they were introduced but no one is to be joining and now I feel like I may have wasted my k stars. How do you get members to join? 


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    if your squad is private then people have to request to join, so a good way to get members into your squad is by making it public! however, since it's public there's no guarantee you're going to get members who make purchases or play daily, and there won't be much communication at all with the members of your squad.
    if you want to keep your squad private, you can make your own post promoting your squad on the "our squad needs members" discussion thread! there you can list your expectations and talk about what you want from the squad. You can also make a thread for your squad here on the forum, and people can comment asking to join and then you'll have a space where y'all can discuss. 
    Finally, you can promote your squad on KKH Facebook pages, Reddit or the Discord! I don't think we can post links here to other platforms, but a quick google search will bring u some results.
    Hope this helps, and good luck with your squad!  :)
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