🎥 KK:H Weekend Event 6/18/21 - Reality Weekend - Keep the Cameras Rolling!📺



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    Sadly I couldn’t even get the second item in this event after chasing all over and doing a bunch of tasks to find my camera man. I found him literally two hours ago and at that point it was a waste of time. I just completed the event now that finally released him and it’s very frustrating. Glu really should have a way where if your cameraman is part of a task, he should also be available for reality shows instead of making us chase him down and doing a bunch of tasks and not knowing which one he’s a part of. Luckily I wasn’t desperate to get this weekends items as I’m not a huge fan of casual wear for my doll (though the items are super cute!), but it’s super unsettling and troublesome 😭
    LOL love how customer support is a huuuuuge help 🙄

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