NEW SQUAD: Ethereals #920220 ! (FULL)

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                                ✧・゚: *✧・゚:*✧
             WELCOME TO ETHEREALS #920220!

                      SQUAD REQUIREMENTS:
           - PLEASE stay active & login everyday!
                               - THATS IT! 

Hello! so i made this squad because i'm tired of being kicked randomly and being in inactive squads! i will be regularly making sure people are active and are helping out! feel free to make friends with people here as long as you are in the squad and enjoy (: i also have a massive wardrobe and i occasionally buy from the shop which i hope can benefit you all!


  • AmoraAmora Registered Users, Member 53 Posts

    Hey team leader! These two players have been inactive for a while. Maybe we should let them go. We come so close to getting the squad box every week. Two active dolls replacing the inactive ones may guarantee a squad box every week.💕
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