help?? my show-your-styles arent showing up??

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so, i have unlocked sys (im level 21) and the last sys i remember doing was the gym/sporty style one. after that, whenever i logged on no new sys popups would appear. now, i realised that for me, there is no sys whatsoever?? 


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    is your game updated?
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    the current sys event that was going on ended already but if you still do not the the upcoming sys event that will be happening later on, u should contact glu! hopefully ur sys events pop up eventually 💕
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    yes, you can send a ticket to customer care Hi. If the next SYS doesn’t appear for you in 2 hours, send a ticket to Customer Care. Go to the top left corner of your game screen and tap the 3lines to access Options.  Then tap Help and then tap Customer Care. Good luck, and I’m sorry this is happening.   
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