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Is there any point on leveling up profesional contacts? I have a lot of contacts and now that I’m trying to clean them up, I noticed that I have way more points with D-listers than with A-listers (that are the ones I was thinking about keeping). Should I just keep the ones I have the most points with, keep only A-listers with no points or it doesn’t  matter?


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    BodhiBodhi Registered Users, Member 30 Posts
    Good question! I am wondering about this as well. I have points invested in both low ranking NPCs and high ranking NPCs, but I haven’t noticed any advantages to using higher ranking NPCs over the low ranking ones. I am wondering if someone else has. 😂 It’s superficial, but when I spin Konnections, I like to choose the most stylish of them to be on my team.
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    BriannakkhBriannakkh Registered Users, Member 1,379 Posts
    Oh yes there is! Every time u level up you get k-star, money, energy, depends on the level x Same with dating! For an example Friday VIP event will start so if you just gonna keep filming your show in Calabasas or Bel Air house u will earn bunch of stars + extra ones because you can invite 4 guests and they are likely to level up more than once during weekend. Hope this was helpful! 
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    I personally keep contacts until they reach 1000 points in friendship (since you get energy & a kstar for each level up) then delete them so you can re-add later! Keeping past 1000 isn’t worth it imo since the next kstar is at 2000 points and it’s quicker to get to 500 again. 

    But rank like D list/A list, etc. doesn’t matter!
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