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Hello, I was wondering if someone could give me some advice. I went in to open my daily squad reward a few minutes ago and something strange happened. I realize a lot of errors have been happening lately with the game crashing so I’ve been taking screenshots like crazy in case of anything happening. 

This is how it looked at first, totally normal. I clicked collect. 

Then this happened. 

It wouldn’t let me into my inbox at all it kept saying connection issue. So I closed the game a few times until finally it let me in and showed me this next:

It says my rewards have been collected and my box has been opened, but I never got them or had a chance to even see them because the inbox page crashed. Should I open a ticket with Glu? I already have an open ticket with them because I didn’t get a reward through a tapjoy offer from a week ago so I’m feeling kind of defeated at this point (like a lot of people) 

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