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I am in level 27 and still haven’t unlocked much. Never unlocked the gym and I only have 2 so chic. Should I try to unlock everything or move on to the comeback? 
I honestly have no idea what to do. I’m only getting one goal at a time but as I said before, I haven’t unlocked much. 
Also a question. Would I still get the weekly storylines if I decide to do the comeback? Would I stay in the same SYS tier? If I click not now would I have the option of the come back whenever I want? Do I keep the cash, kstars and diamonds?
Any advice would be appreciated!!


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    FaeFae Registered Users, Member 896 Posts
    Don’t worry, the comeback quest only affects your fans! Everything else stays the same. ^^
    I definitely recommend doing them since they increase your max energy!

    If you decide to hold off, you can still do them whenever you like as long as you’re #1. 😊
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    BodhiBodhi Registered Users, Member 30 Posts
    It’s up to you if you’d like to start the come back now or later. You just have to maintain #1 in order to be able to start the come back. I started my 1st come back like last week. I was also level 27. And, I still don’t have the gym either. The quest associated with the come back was loads of fun, and I kept all my cash, KStars, and diamonds, until I spent them. I got extra energy, which was so nice in retrospect, and a new piece of clothing. I’m back on the C list now! Personally, I will be doing all the come back versions.
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