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  • VlasenkoVlasenko Registered Users 1 Posts
    hello from Ukraine
  • xXLucyXxxXLucyXx Registered Users 1,077 Posts
    Can we please have a kstar for every 5 heart date event sometime
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  • LuzVariasLuzVarias Registered Users 2,707 Posts
    And please, please add Kim's Picks for guys!
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  • AliBryantAliBryant Registered Users 6,169 Posts
    PolkaDot wrote: »
    - Free K star for watching a video option = more prominent, a button on main screen or something

    - Include where events are (city, not only venue) in reminder bar

    - Attention to where the tapping dots are placed. Today three or four were blocking Kim K completely after she was called in to appear at a gig. Other times the dots are behind the bullhorn, or other things.

    The placement of the task bubbles being on top of each other is a problem sometimes. Specifically in Calabasas and other party venues, during parties or hangouts, at this time if you partially tap a task and leave the venue to get more energy, when you come back the task is replaced by another. This has happened to me a lot lately so I'm training myself f to not partially tap. Too many times did I tap 7 out of 8 times, leave to get one more energy bolt, only to return to see that is has been covered up by another 8 tap task button! Very frustrating when you are about to finish an event. I'm on Android, so not sure if this affects other platforms.
  • PolkaDotPolkaDot Registered Users 1,226 Posts
    - Ability to turn off just the music (soundtrack) in the background. If someone has their own music going, it can conflict.
  • ChanrinChanrin Registered Users 516 Posts
    I want a way to know how many XPs are left until the next level (so that I can spend all of my bolts before winning a "free recharge")

    - Other poses for husbands in the photoboot (I want a pic with my SO but I really hate those pictures where it looks like he's smelling my hair...)

    - More animals payable in greens

    - A way for BF/GF to try out clothes before we actually buy them as a gift

    - I really want my husband to say funnier/cooler things than "You've got a great sense of style" when going on dates. What about "Finally, I've been waiting for hours", or "You made it", or "Hi, Hon'" You know, more "husband-ish" and less "meeting you for the first time-ish" Even 1st dates have cooler one-liners...

    - Please review your algorithms or whatever calculus you use to determine how many spots you (don't) win, when going on dates. (And please stop giving me that "But maintaining a relationship is hard in real life" ****py excuse everytime I inquire about it, this remains a GAME, and a game should be enjoyable)

    - More gigs with my husband

    - DELETING CONTACT HAVE TO BE MADE POSSiBLE Can't stress this enough

    - I guess it's too late or extremely hard, but I was hoping the boyfriend/girlfriend's occupation could be more relevant (a home economist, a psychologist, an animal trainer, the prince of an obscure country, there has to be something to do with all that! ; maybe regular tweets about their job ? (instead of annoying tweets from Willow #lookatme )

    - The possibility for husbands/wives to change lists!
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  • SarahUKSarahUK Registered Users 59 Posts
    Just to reiterate what a few people have been saying about the baby situation.

    Sorry if you guys are already on this, but it's really disappointing that you only seem to be able to have one child. I decided to adopt rather than have a baby with my partner thinking that I would be able to do both (I want a full on litter of babies!). Maybe it could be an incentive system like dating, if you maintain a high level of parenting you have the option of adding to your family.

    Involving the babies more as well would be amazing, like play dates with your friends & their babies, or options to bring your baby along on dates, or involve them when hanging out at home

    (Loving the new VIP hang outs by the way! Thank you!)
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  • CharliCharli Registered Users 1,670 Posts
    • Interaction with spouse. My wife never had a happy/sad face bubble.
    • Stay-at-home dates with partner.
    • Ability to gift hairstyles and items from the recent updates.
    • Waiting time for a task shouldn't be 24 hours.
    • During weekend events, usually the guys get the shirt and pants as separate rewards to claim, which is unfair in comparison to the girls.
    • Put Malibu to the list of places in LA.
    • Option to add a last name to our character and the baby.
    • Lovers should be standing side by side in the Photo Booth.
    • Let us work shifts at the Adoption Center.
    • More tasks with the baby. Family photoshoot, play dates etc.
    • Clothes inspired by Luther. Suspenders, tattoos, facial hair, socks and everything.
    • Anticipating new hairstyles (preferably Long Hair & Man Bun) and better makeup options (hint; Lip Gloss) with the arrival of Jen Atkin and Mario Dedivanovic.
    • Award Shows would be a great addition to the gameplay.
    • Gifting a contact should build a professional relationship by default.
    • Access to the Grand Sultan Hotel in New Delhi.
    • Let Android and iOS users play together.
    The account says Charli, but my name's Bilal.

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  • NaimonsterNaimonster Registered Users 5,127 Posts
    Charli, I think we already have stay home dates? I remember going into my partner's house and there he was asking if I wanted to hang out at his house. I clicked yes and it was 8 hours long. We weren't married, so I'm not sure if it applies to married couples.

    I've been jealous of NPCs with purples eyes to the point of gouging their eyes out. Kidding, but that's how much I yearn for it.
    PM to add
  • ChanrinChanrin Registered Users 516 Posts
    I'm lvl 33 with 2 comebacks and I was never able to have stay-at-home dates. I heard it only works on tabs and not on phones (correct me if I'm wrong)
    Do you hear the phone when I call ?
    Do you feel the thud when I fall?
    Do you hear the crack when I break ?

  • TTembTTemb Registered Users 86 Posts
    How about something simple like better rewards for actually reaching the higher levels ... Have already commented on another thread about this but when I reached level 35 all I received, besides the usual level up bonus, was photo booths with Kim No new clothes or anything ... You would think there would be more exclusive items as you level up
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  • PolkaDotPolkaDot Registered Users 1,226 Posts
    - Put the Calabasas house (parties) back like it was before - please and thank you.
  • KateAKateA Registered Users 11 Posts
    -please make things abit cheaper when it comes to k stars!! 160 k stars for a baby..WHAT?!
    -friends can gift hairstyles
    -try on before gifting a boy/girl friend
    -make calls to people / response options to tweets in game
    -option to choose length of dates
    -more variety of colours for hair/make up/skin
    -more facial features to choose from and eyebrows!
    -see the results of a photo shoot/magazine
    -spin character around (from back to front) when dressing/changing look
    -more chances to earn k stars
  • PolkaDotPolkaDot Registered Users 1,226 Posts
    - Some way to page down the friend list faster. Either a slide scroll or a page down function that goes past several at once. Or 'go to end of list' or 'sort by newest' or something.
  • Prettygurl rockPrettygurl rock Registered Users 1 Posts
    I think there should be an option to sell my houses because I have a house in almost every city and I really dont need them so I think there should be an option to Rent/Sell
  • Skeeter513Skeeter513 Registered Users 26 Posts
    Please let us PAUSE or take PERSONAL TIME without losing work!! I recently had a family emergency and lost ALL of my jobs and had to basically start all over. Going on vacation next week and I'm terrified the same thing will happen!

    MORE K stars when completing a job and leveling up!! Those things are like gold and I can't get the clothing I want without them...and having to charm all the time.

    MORE wins in Vegas please!!
  • fangirl92901fangirl92901 Registered Users 2 Posts
    I just have this suggestion
    -a way to add friends without having to use Facebook or anything like that...
    That's all.
    Thanks for listening.
  • fangirl92901fangirl92901 Registered Users 2 Posts
    *Edit of previous post*
    I just have one suggestion
    -a way to add friends without having to use Facebook or Game Center. A lot of people don't have Facebook and are playing on a Amazon device so maybe a feature could be added where you can use Amazon Game Circle to add friends.
    Sorry,it's lengthy
  • xXLucyXxxXLucyXx Registered Users 1,077 Posts
    -Please will you add the men's anniversary weekend gift box hair to the wardrobe?

    -This is not an angry thing but for Vats - he is a devoted player as many of us are and this was his dream hair. A lot of people would love to have it it's very covetable!

    -If not added to the wardrobe can we have this hairstyle in a future event as an earnable item? You were kind enough to give the girls our dream hairstyle (the bunny ears hair without the ears). It's fair that the guys be given a second chance to win their dream hair in this way too! I followed the bullet point format to try to help to win your kindness

    -Thank you senpais! :)
    GC: { Lucyxx }
  • Skeeter513Skeeter513 Registered Users 26 Posts
    Woke up this morning with a phone call from Kim saying 'thanks for playing!' And then 20 K stars exploded!! It was awesome!! Any idea why that happened? Will it happen again? LOL loved it!
  • LuzVariasLuzVarias Registered Users 2,707 Posts
    Why do the gift boxes have to be such a bottomless pit to throw Kstars into? Why is there still no cap for the expense they can represent?

    Vats wanted that long hair so much and campaigned so tirelessly for it, and he gave Glu his money like they want, and he spent a big pile of Kstars to get the reward, and it did him no good. He did everything right in order to get the prize, but he still lost. That really sucks. I think it hit home to me when I thought there might actually be a bathing suit in play for the guys, and had to realize that I could spend my large reserve of Kstars down to zero and still not get it at all. That's hateful. The gift boxes are set up miserably. Shameful. Why spend money on something that's stacked that steeply against you? Makes no sense.

    Only if Vats cheated Glu could he actually have that hair right now. What the hell is that about?

    And I am absolutely aware that I sound mentally-deficient buying into something so frivolous as this, and caring this deeply about such a ridiculous situation. But if we're supposed to buy in, and supposed to care, why not make the outcome happier in order to keep us invested this way? I'm really losing the love, here. <Thank god! you must be saying, now please shut up, and go away. No worries, I'm almost there.>
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  • FrancescahillFrancescahill Registered Users 1,288 Posts
    Again, again and again please glu put th fab prizes to purchase in the wardrobe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Jesslundberg93Jesslundberg93 Registered Users 11 Posts
    I think we should be able to customize our baby like we do our own characters, like the eye color, hair color, and facial features. For as expensive as they are, we should be able to do more with them.
    GC is jessmarie1993 :)
  • Angie7680Angie7680 Registered Users 178 Posts
    I wish you reduced the price of the gift boxes for the weekend quests, I tried to get any part of the weekend outfit but i ended up getting k stars and energy constantly. I have 40 stars left exactly and wanna try for the last time but I'm afraid I might get the 4000 cash. And I have enough cash to go around. Or at least reduce the price to 25 k stars? 30?
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  • LykkeSkyeLykkeSkye Registered Users 26 Posts
    I want to suggest that the game should not have our psycho spouses call and harass us for dates during weekend events, such as gigs and parties where we need earn stars to win special items! Perhaps instead, they can call us on Thursday morning saying that they will be out of town working, just like we are.

    Ray Powers can get a funking life with those updates saying "Has anyone seen so-and-so and so-and-so in awhile?" Seriously, in real life, no one loses thousands of Twitter followers if they haven't gone out on a date with their significant other within the past 12 hours! That is completely unrealistic. (Sorry, this may have been a better fit for the hookah thread.)
  • RiedyRiedy Registered Users 16 Posts
    More skin colors would be nice. The first option is too light and the second option is already too dark to represent me. And more tones of all the colors would be really nice.
  • PolkaDotPolkaDot Registered Users 1,226 Posts
    - Please make it clearer how or why we gain or lose fans. I keep completing things with 5 stars and still, Willow brags non stop, and my fans diminish. I have no clue why.

    - The prize boxes. Please include only K stars (in same amount it took to buy a box) or unique wearable in them. I go into more detail in the Hookah Den thread.

    - Sort friends list alphabetically. Also sorting by newest or oldest would be nice.
  • TallulahTallulah Registered Users 1 Posts
    -Add more skin colors: a matt white more natural
  • Andrzej_S.Andrzej_S. Registered Users 1,194 Posts
    it would be nice if we could sell homes we've bought

    Please more longer hairstyles for the men that aren't prizes

    An option to color only our hair but leave our eyebrows alone would be great
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  • kokokokonutkokokokonut Moderators 29,113 Posts
    Pettlepop wrote: »
    Great thread, I luv KK

    Cute Kittie Pettlepop, and I love your enthusiasm, but this isn't the right thread for this. And I fixed it so the video shows. Why not visit one of the talk about anything threads in General Discussion? Apropos of Nuthin is a sticky the cat would look great in. And there are a few others as well. This thread is basically for suggestions for the game. ;) Nice to meet you.
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