No more goals?

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I’m lvl 26 and I haven’t gotten any new quests in a few days (other than the weeknly ones), Simon doesn’t even call with random jobs… My partner doesn’t call either. Has anyone experienced this? I’m trying to get to customer service on the app but it’s just loading lol. I’ve been going to different places to see if it triggers anything but nothing happens.. help


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    I would do location/venue search.  Enter every Venue, see if there is someone to talk to with a goal for you, or perhaps a gig that is waiting, but not showing up in your goals. If you can’t find any stuck opportunity, try to contact Customer Care, see if they can find an issue in your game. 
    Sorry you are going through this.   Just remember, we now have two weekly storyline gigs. 
    If you are having trouble DO NOT UNINSTALL THE GAME!
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